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Avalanche destroys Italian mountain resort
A huge avalanche swallowed up a luxury mountain hotel in central Italy after a...
by bhuvan | #1357 Vues
Artists perform during Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again! Welcome Celeb...
by evanbraden | #1193 Vues
Inmates butchered during Brazil prison riot
Twenty-seven inmates were killed after a Brazilian prison riot broke out, addi...
by gafnastearns | #2728 Vues
Clashes as Israel razes Bedouin village
An operation to demolish Bedouin dwellings deemed built illegally on state-own...
by kirkneher | #3470 Vues
Berlin Fashion Week
Backstage and collection highlights from Berlin.
by aronleonardi | #941 Vues
Washington prepares for Trump's inauguration
Washington rehearses ahead of President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration as t...
by diegoluc | #1307 Vues
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Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Tributes to civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. are held.
by reysundstrom | #1600 Vues
Plane crash in Kyrgyzstan
A Turkish cargo jet smashed into a village in Kyrgyzstan as it tried to land a...
by blaxton | #1200 Vues
Vibrant Gujarat summit 2017
Pictures from India�s biggest investor summit, organized in PM Narendra Modi...
by sheetal | #1485 Vues
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Présentations en vedette

First family
Par reillygrave | #598 Vues
Design de Interação para Dispositivos Móveis - turma de setembro 2011
Par janevita | #917 Vues
Trend report from SXSW 2015: 20 Interesting Microtrends
Par mediafeed | #960 Vues
Trends from CES 2016
Par mediafeed | #1424 Vues
Our top 10 B2B email marketing campaigns [and why they work]
Par AgileMarket | #665 Vues
7 minute social media marketing audit
Par AgileMarket | #811 Vues
The Recruiters Guide to Writing Effective LinkedIn InMails
Par blackmarket | #477 Vues
Rethink Marketing and Succeed in 2016 with LinkedIn
Par blackmarket | #648 Vues
Bound and Checked
Par Kevlin | #763 Vues
Conventional and Reasonable
Par Kevlin | #916 Vues
Lights out in Gaza
Par brockgaskin | #472 Vues
Bear Ears Buttes in Utah
Par axton | #799 Vues
Criando produtos e serviços reais para o mundo virtual.
Par janevita | #1134 Vues
Random Act Of Kindness - best examples - case studies
Par mediafeed | #1268 Vues
SXSW Trend Report 2016
Par mediafeed | #733 Vues
Agile Marketing Comic Book - uFlush, episode 1
Par AgileMarket | #703 Vues
15 Split Test Winners [free ebook]
Par AgileMarket | #665 Vues
3 Things to Focus on for Creating Engaging Multi-device eLearning
Par upsidelearn | #752 Vues
InMails: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Par blackmarket | #1114 Vues
How HR Became A Profit Centre for Aranca
Par blackmarket | #637 Vues
Objects of Value
Par Kevlin | #889 Vues
Unequal Equivalence
Par Kevlin | #941 Vues
15 Most Beautiful Women in the World
Par wahiba | #3890 Vues
Freelance Camp'13: Krótka rzecz o blogach
Par mediafeed | #976 Vues

Presentations Just In

GST Council meet today to try and bridge differences
Par noorarora | #1 Vues
Primary Electronic Components of Printed Circuit Board and Their Functions
Par shaxeng | #3 Vues
Five Benefits of Choosing a Licensed Electrical Contractor in Ferntree Gully
Par Joshelectri | #3 Vues
Some Crucial Tips on Choosing a Martial Arts Classes and Instructor
Par wabbey21 | #4 Vues
Reasons behind Getting Security Screens Installed
Par wabbey21 | #5 Vues
Prez Pranab Mukherjee okays change in rules for rail budget merger
Par noorarora | #2 Vues
Configuration options available for the Digital signage system
Par xtremedigit | #7 Vues
A Selection of Services that Should be Offered by a Garbage Disposal Company
Par garbagebinr | #5 Vues

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