Tendance Présentations

Fidel Castro's ashes travel across Cuba
A funeral cortege carries the ashes of the revolutionary leader across the Car...
by evanbraden | #1625 Vues
Lighting the National Christmas Tree
President Obama lights the 94th Annual National Christmas Tree Lighting in Was...
by bhuvan | #1483 Vues
Tokyo Comic Con
Highlights from Tokyo Comic Con.
by amund | #1342 Vues
Stadium tributes to Chapecoense soccer team
Fans of Chapecoense and Atletico Nacional, the Colombian team they were set to...
by gafnastearns | #874 Vues
Lighting the Rockefeller Christmas tree
People watch as the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center is raised and lit in ...
by publius | #1049 Vues
Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Highlights from the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
by clunes | #1087 Vues
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Victoria's Secret in Paris
Backstage before the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at the Grand Palais in Par...
by farand | #1094 Vues
Plane carrying Brazilian soccer team crashes
A chartered plane carrying Brazilian soccer team Chapecoense to the biggest ga...
by midasstrauch | #1092 Vues
First 'Fight for $15' protest since Trump win
Scores of demonstrators are arrested as U.S. fast-food and airport workers led...
by reysundstrom | #752 Vues
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Présentations en vedette

50 most memorable quotes from SXSW 2015
Par mediafeed | #1001 Vues
Introduction to Closed-Loop Marketing
Par AgileMarket | #782 Vues
Converting eLearning to mLearning
Par upsidelearn | #1139 Vues
What Linkedin Data Reveals About Modern Marketers
Par blackmarket | #335 Vues
Let's Play Fonts! 2 [Typography Illustrated]
Par aymansadiq1 | #921 Vues
The Rule of Three
Par Kevlin | #888 Vues
Functional C
Par Kevlin | #673 Vues
What's in a Name?
Par Kevlin | #665 Vues
How To Succeed On SlideShare: Top Tips From The Experts - @slidecomet
Par HighSpark | #557 Vues
World's oldest person turns 117
Par aronleonard | #591 Vues
Flight of the monarchs
Par charliegarl | #428 Vues
Komunikacja przyszłości bliższej i tej dalekiej
Par mediafeed | #993 Vues
10 Lies you've been told about the Marketing Funnel [INFOGRAPHIC]
Par AgileMarket | #1016 Vues
35 Inspirational Quotes on Learning
Par upsidelearn | #884 Vues
5 reasons why Singapore should stop cold calling and start social selling
Par blackmarket | #820 Vues
Tell a Story! [Be the Batman]
Par aymansadiq1 | #669 Vues
A Tale of Two Patterns
Par Kevlin | #1133 Vues
Declarative Thinking, Declarative Practice
Par Kevlin | #753 Vues
How Great Leaders Inspire Through Storytelling - @High_Spark
Par HighSpark | #424 Vues
Art for the public
Par ikey | #497 Vues
Eight years of Obama's turkey pardons
Par merrillebea | #827 Vues
Spain’s “Pueblos Blancos”
Par jessiefalco | #928 Vues
Par mediafeed | #1159 Vues
Top 10 SEO Mistakes to Avoid in your 2015 Website Redesign
Par AgileMarket | #1104 Vues

Presentations Just In

Best dental clinic in Kolhapur - Dental Decor
Par dentaldecor | #5 Vues
Par tamordiuldi | #13 Vues
Furnace Replacement Long Island
Par dpaheatdot | #12 Vues
Par toniyokhan0 | #12 Vues
Low Coast Seo - websitepromoters.com
Par websiteprom | #11 Vues
Spinefrontier :- Surgery Center
Par spinefronti | #34 Vues
Personal Training Canton Ga
Par kmbfitness | #14 Vues
Vendors to AHA choose Pyramid Logistics to transport their displays
Par PMLogistics | #15 Vues

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