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Mourning Martin McGuinness
The coffin of the IRA peacemaker is carried through the streets of Londonderry...
by achit | #1752 Vues
Persian New Year
Followers of the Persian calendar celebrate Newroz, marking the arrival of spr...
by jennabergh | #1839 Vues
London's last greyhound track
The race is almost over for the dogs of Wimbledon Stadium, which is set to be ...
by dorischase | #1548 Vues
Chuck Berry: 1926-2017
Chuck Berry, one of rock'n'roll's most influential guitarists and the creator ...
by azizarosario | #1887 Vues
St. Patrick's Day
The world turns Irish for a day to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.
by noora | #1449 Vues
Floods, landslides spread havoc in Peru
Severe droughts give way to some of the country's most devastating downpours i...
by zephaniah | #1784 Vues
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Dutch PM fends off far right challenge
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte beats Geert Wilders in the first of a series o...
by uros | #1683 Vues
Kids Choice Awards
Highlights from the 2017 Kids Choice Awards.
by slate | #1132 Vues
Ski and snowboard world championships
Highlights from the Snowboarding and Freestyle Skiing World Championships.
by evanbraden | #1723 Vues
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Présentations en vedette

Why internet visibility is business success
Par seansi | #778 Vues
IP Transformation Beyond the Boxes (2007)
Par mjadoul | #762 Vues
Iditarod race across Alaska
Par charliegarl | #1244 Vues
Look Me Up Sometime
Par Kevlin | #1151 Vues
Flag Waiving
Par Kevlin | #1738 Vues
Gen z-gen-alpha-infographic-cm-mc crindle-single-page
Par markmccrind | #1309 Vues
Top 5 Characteristics Defining the Changing Times & New Generations 7 November 2014
Par markmccrind | #1273 Vues
Customer research and audience building tips for 2016
Par AgileMarket | #1105 Vues
30  Ways To Promote A Blog Post in 2016
Par AgileMarket | #1586 Vues
A new wave of mobile marketing
Par wearetable1 | #2548 Vues
Using the PicCollage App for Reading Comprehension
Par hellojenjon | #955 Vues
BA Champs PowerPoint Recruitment Pitch 2012
Par itseugene | #986 Vues
Carnival around the world
Par whitfieldla | #1648 Vues
Par Kevlin | #1393 Vues
Opposites Attract
Par Kevlin | #1827 Vues
Top 7 Trends of 2013
Par markmccrind | #1024 Vues
Future Proofing your Career Mark McCrindle, McCrindle Research
Par markmccrind | #1580 Vues
Most Inspiring And Memorable Commercials Of 2016 [EN]
Par mediafeed | #1367 Vues
25 Steps of a Website Design Strategy that Sells
Par AgileMarket | #1568 Vues
How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page that Converts [VISUAL GUIDE]
Par AgileMarket | #1560 Vues
Big data and creativity in marketing strategy
Par wearetable1 | #987 Vues
Powerful Test-Taking Strategies - Elementary Level
Par hellojenjon | #1504 Vues
Smile From Within 2 - Intro PowerPoint
Par itseugene | #900 Vues
Silicon Valley aerials
Par persia | #1294 Vues

Presentations Just In

Designer Anarkali Suits: Latest Anarkali dresses & Long Gown Style Designer Dresses Latest Fashion
Par designersan | #1 Vues
Support for Belkin Router | Toll Free 1-800-294-5907
Par IsabellSmit | #1 Vues
3 Credit Mistakes to Avoid If You Want To Buy Your Home
Par martinnsaar | #4 Vues
Computer Networking Upgrades in Savannah - visit us computerserviceandrepair.com
Par danieladams | #4 Vues
Easiest Ways To Get Musically Fans
Par salennagome | #5 Vues
Trumpf Press Brake Tooling-Bendingandlaser
Par nelsonsmith | #5 Vues
How to use signs outdoors for better visibility?
Par eltonsamant | #4 Vues
 Web design company kerala
Par adoxsolutio | #5 Vues

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