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Storytelling and Social Media - PowerPoint PPT Présentation

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There is a lot of hype and noise today around social media in terms of what presence you need. Do the number of” likes” you have on Facebook matter? How many followers do you have on Twitter? Should you be using Pinterest, Quora or other tools? Learn how these tools can help your business- nonprofit partnership strategy. This session will cover how to enable your strategy by using the most relevant social media tools to meet your business needs. It will focus on how to build a community, make connections, promote your story and CSR activities. This session also looks at how to integrate your online and offline activities to build a thriving connected community. \nhttp://www.business4better.org/conference/breakout-sessions.php?session_id=14

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Présentations Transcript
H p infospce ischool syr edu author chelseadebaise


Key  trends,  challenges,  

opportuni4es,  partnerships    


Ayelet  Baron  [ayeletb]  

Ins4gator,  Speaker,  Author,  Coach  

But people don t change as fast

…  But  people  don’t  change  as  fast  

Source:  h"p://pandasthumb.org/archives/2006/09/fun-­‐with-­‐homini-­‐1.html  

Pre 1990 people are not connected

Pre  1990:  People  are  not  connected      

1990:  Connec4ng  people  to  informa4on  

2000:  Connec4ng  people  to  people  

The new consumers are smarter more empowered

The  New  Consumers  are  smarter,  more    empowered,  

and  more  demanding  than  previous  genera4ons    

92 trust recommenda4ons from friends and family

92%  empowered,    trust  

recommenda4ons  from  

friends  and  family  above  all  

other  forms  of  adver4sing,  

up  18%  since  2007    

47%  trust  

television,  down  

24%  since  2009  

70%  trust    

online  consumer  

reviews,  up  15%  

since  2008  

We  trust  strangers  


Relationships  social  







#3  –  Social  is  two-­‐way:  The  rela4onship  is  no  longer  


5 live your purpose and mission effec4veness

#5  –  Live  your  purpose  and  mission:  effec4veness  is  

the  gap  between  words  and  ac4ons  

Oh at wisdom 2 0 25 of organiza4ons

OH  at  Wisdom    effec4veness  is  


25%  of  

organiza4ons  in  

the  US  have  a  

medita4on  room.    

é Mindfulness  

and  meaning  

to  deal  with  ê ê  

in  trust  

6 greater transparency through shared experiences

#6  –  Greater  transparency    effec4veness  is  

through  shared  experiences  

“Businesses  are  no  longer  

the  creator  of  a  brand;  it  

is  now  co-­‐created  by  

consumers  through  

shared  experiences  and  

defined  by  the  results  of  

online  searches  and  

conversa4ons  …  social  

media  has  increased  the  

power  of  the  consumer.”  

7 it s all about rela4onships how are your

#7  –  It’s  ALL  about  rela4onships  –  how  are  your  

stories  connec4ng?  

8 social media tools enable your strategy

#8  –  Social  media  tools  enable  your  strategy  

Commitment  Curve:  How  people  change  

behavior  at  work  and  life  

9 we have yet to experience the power

#9  –  We  have  yet  to  experience  the  power  of  

communi4es:  The  new  consumers  feel  

disconnected  and  alienated.  They  seek  a  

stronger  sense  of  community  and  belonging.  

How  does  your  tribe  engage?  

10 if you have a device and connec4vity you have

#10  –  If  you  have  a  device  and  connec4vity,  you  have  

a  voice.  If  you  have  a  voice,  you  have  a  choice.  


YOUTH  connec4vity,  you  have    

“Knowledge  is  beder  than  food”  

Paulisakson com think small

paulisakson.com  connec4vity,  you  have  

Think small

Let s connect

Let’s Connect!  connec4vity,  you  have  

Ayelet Baron