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Buy Gold Jewellery Online | buymyJewel

Buy gold jewellery online from buymyJewel. The best place for traditional gold jewellery online & Latest Gold Jewellery Designs that intensifies the true beauty

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Buy Gold Jewellery Online | buymyJewel

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  1. Buy Gold Jewellery Online - Latest Gold Jewellery Designs | buymyJewel Buy gold jewellery online from buymyJewel. The best place for traditional gold jewellery online & Latest Gold Jewellery Designs that intensifies the true beauty As the season of Diwali is in the corner, people are seeking to buy gold jewellery. There is a very high significance of gold among Indians and especially during the period of Dhanteras and Diwali. Gold is

  2. one of the most adorned precious metals in India. The love for gold in India is obvious as India has recently surpassed China to be the largest importer of gold. The metal holds an important sentimental value for the people in the country. Buying gold is considered auspicious during festivals such as Makar Sakrati, Gudi Padwa, Navratri, Dusshera, Akshaya Tritiya, Dhanteras, Diwali, etc. The demand of gold increases during Dhanteras and Diwali as people buys gold jewellery or gold coins on this day. Dhanteras means – Dhan = Wealth, and Teras = 13th day. The 5 day celebration od Diwali begins with Dhanteras. It is the day when people around the country worship Dhan (wealth), Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi and Ganesha, the god of knowledge and wisdom. Dhanteras is the day that marks the beginning of Diwali, when Lord Kuber and Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped. Dhanteras means wealth and prosperity and therefore this day is considered auspicious for buying gold, silver or utensils. There is a legend about Dhanteras when the newly wed wife of 16 year old king Hima drove away the God of death, Yamaraj, by dazzling him with heaps of gold and silver. The king’s wife saved his life by blocking the sleeping chamber with the heap of wealth. Since then, buying gold or silver on this day was considered auspicious as it is believed to keep evil and death away. After to this folklore gold has played a very important part among the Hindu’s during the Diwali season. It is also believed that a symbolic buying of gold, silver, jewellery, will act as protection against ill will and will bring good luck to every member of the family. Now a days as people are getting tech friendly they tend to shop more and more via Internet. People are looking forward to buy gold jewellery online and they are eager to explore various online jewellery platforms to buy their desired jewellery. There was a time when gold jewellery was only and only available at jewellery outlets and stores but now days with the introduction of e-commerce, jewellery is available on various internet platforms. buymyJewel has introduced itself as India’s first B2B real jewellery assisted e-commerce platform. BMJ is one of the best platforms to buy gold jewellery online because it has an abundance of products with traditional as well as contemporary designs. It has labeled the perfect definition of gold jewellery online. buymyJewel is a B2B jewellery online platform which serves specifically in Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities where the online reach is not that high but with BMJ’s efforts are improving the reach of new gold jewellery designs to reach these specific areas. buymyJewel has accumulated the best Jadau jewellery in the ‘Jodhpuri Jadau’ collection. Our Jadau jewellery will obviously make you fall in love with it. There are a variety of gold jewellery collections available on the buymyJewel’s online

  3. platform. There was a time when only the royals would adorn gold jewellery but now as the availability of jewellery is more, the commoners are also able to afford one. The availability of gold jewellery is increasing day by day and the jewellery market keeps expanding. Nearly all real gold is stamped with a hallmark that notes the karat weight of the jewelry. This stamp is usually found on the clasp of a necklace or bracelet, or on the inner band of a ring. A gold jewellery is authenticated by the Hallmark. buymyJewel has augmented a special range of gold jewellery which replicates the traditions of Rajasthan, Kalakriti is one of the most splendid range of gold jewellery which stylize the art of Rajasthani jewellery. buymyJewel has the perfect range of Indian gold jewellery online that fulfils the hearts and souls of the buyers. One can always be sure with gold jewellery and the charm, shine, value and confidence it adds to ones look and personality is out of bounds and leaps. There is a variety of offerings in different gold jewellery products that matches the customer’s persona in an integrated way. India’s gold jewellery demand is seasonal with the highest consumption during the festival and wedding season. Demand for gold in India has an inverse relationship with price volatility. BMJ has one of the best traditional gold jewellery out there. As people are getting more and more e-commerce friendly for shopping they are looking forward to buy gold jewellery online. At whatever point purchasing Indian gold jewellery online you ought to explicitly search for the Hallmark sign on the site or the online entryway. Gold has a certified centrality in Indian social associations. People everything being equivalent, paying little mind to whether they are from the youngster's side or the child's side wears engaging gold jewellery. buymyJewel has kept the buyers' needs in front and increased a variation scope of gold jewellery to search for. It is frequently a troublesome activity to purchase jewellery in light of the fact that there are a various jewellery providers out there in the market. Picking an ideal pair of gold jewellery for a significant event is

  4. entirely troublesome employment. To make the chase for the ideal gold jewellery simple for the customers, buymyJewel has fused various accumulations of jewellery. As India’s first B2B jewellery online platform BMJ has served it’s consumers with great ranges of gold jewellery, diamond jewellery and platinum jewellery. When people look forward to buy gold jewellery online they tend to have certain doubts in their mind, but buymyJewel has made easy for the consumers as they have their specific jewellery retailers across Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities located in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh etc. There are numerous jewellers in the market but only a few serve online retail market with only a handful of jewellery providers that are serving the Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities. Get your desired gold jewellery products online only on buymyJewel and make your festival more significant. May this Dhanteras endow you with opulence and prosperity, Happiness comes to your steps,Wishing you and your family ‘Happy Dhanteras’!

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