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Tummy Tuck Procedure

All you need to know about Tummy Tuck Procedure including information such as eligiblity, Scenarios and Possible complications. It is brought to you by American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital Dubai<br>

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Tummy Tuck Procedure

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  1. TUMMY TUCK Procedure http://www.aacsh.com

  2. Tummy tuck – what you need to know • Is your tummy flab not responding to sit-ups? Tired of experimenting with different crash diets and exercise; if yes…. then, this is the right time to think about a tummy tuck and get the taut tummy you have always dreamt about • Abdomen is the only body part which undergoes frequent changes, especially in case of women • The weight gain and weight loss during pregnancy puts lots of pressure on skin, tissues and other parts of tummy • All these changes bring a saturation point in life when exercise and dieting fail to reduce extra fat • Abdominoplastypopular known as tummy tuck procedureeliminates the additional fat from abdomen, tightens the abdominal wall muscles and blesses you with flat tummy • So, are you interested in this treatment? WAIT...It is imperative to know about it in detail before undergoing surgery

  3. WHO Can Go For A TUMMY TUCK • Women and men who enjoy good health • Women who feel the need of abdominal muscle tightening and skin reduction due to several pregnancies • Obese men or women who have excess fat or loose skin around the belly

  4. SCEnarios in which tummy tuck is not suitable • If you are a lady planning for a baby, then it is advisable to drop the idea of tummy tuck, till the birth of baby. This surgery tightens vertical muscles which may get separated during pregnancy • Do you want to lose weight? Never go for this surgery until and unless you have tried all the possible options of exercise and diet

  5. Precautions, Before and after tummy tuck • If you have the habit of smoking, abstain from it completely for at least two weeks before and after surgery • Smoking increases complications and also slows down the healing process. Eat healthy and maintain balanced diet as it helps in fast recovery • If you are taking any herbal medications or other supplements, you need to inform the doctor about the same, she/he may advise you if you need to stop them for a time being • The operated area will be completely stitched after the surgery • You need to carefully follow all the instructions of doctor while taking care after surgery • Your physician will guide on how to sit and lie down for avoiding pain • Avoid strenuous activities at least for a month; you may have to take complete rest for a month for better recovery

  6. Possible complications • After surgery, you may get swelling and pain. The doctor will prescribe medications for the pain and assist you to handle pain • Risk is always associated with every type of surgery; however this possibility is less in tummy tuck surgery • Complications may comprise due to bleeding or infection and its possibility increases, if you have diabetes, heart disease, liver or lungs problems • Surgery will leave scars on the body, although they will fade with time but won’t disappear completely • Your doctor will suggest ointments or lotion for marks once you are totally recovered from the surgery

  7. Possible complications • Tummy tuck treatment involves various procedures which vary as per the different requirements of the patients; hence, it is difficult to pin down a fixedtummy tuck cost • Total cost of this treatment comprises of doctor fees, anesthesia provider, and the facilities provided in hospital • To summarize, if your extra tummy fat is a headache for you, go for a tummy tuck but make sure you understand all the precautions you need to take • It is essential to follow your doctor’s advice to get the best possible results • Remember, it is a lifetime change you are going to make to your body, choose only expert and reputed surgeon

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