5 ways to distinguish erw pipe from a seamless one n.
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ERW Stainless Steel Pipes Manufacturers in Mumbai PowerPoint Presentation
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ERW Stainless Steel Pipes Manufacturers in Mumbai

ERW Stainless Steel Pipes Manufacturers in Mumbai

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ERW Stainless Steel Pipes Manufacturers in Mumbai

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  1. 5 Ways To Distinguish ERW Pipe From A Seamless One You are sure to come across the term ERW while trying to find the right kind of product for your piping needs. Simply spending good money on a pipe that you know nothing about is definitely not the right way to go about it. It makes sense to ask the Stainless Steel ERW Pipes Manufacturers who have been dealing with it for ages therefore. In short, ERW happens to be an acronym for ‘Electric resistance welded’ pipe that is manufactured by following a specific process. A sheet of the metal is given a cylindrical shape via cold forming first though. Electricity is then passed through the two edges so that they get fused together without the need for any kind of filler material that is usually required for welding. Most users prefer to source the pipes from a quality ERW Stainless Steel Pipe Tubes Wholesaler. This is definitely a cost effective way of obtaining the products that will be utilized substantially. The pipes happen to be the most preferred form of piping while constructing fencings, scaffolds, and laying pipe lines. It is also used extensively to form pipes that carry water for sewerage, industrial plants, water mains and deep tube wells. The advantages of ERW become imminent when a project needs to adhere to a budget. Using the ERW pipes is financially viable in most cases and works wonders for the ones that have to deal with low pressure of water. Sadly, many engineers and industrial designers often get confused about the efficacy of seamless pipes and ERW and end up using them interchangeably. This is not the right way to go

  2. though as there are distinct variations between the two. It would help to get the basics right before ordering pipes from the top manufacturers in your area. Here are a few inputs. Do check… 1.Raw Material– Hot rolled coils of steel are utilized for the ERW pipes while the seamless ones make do with steel billets that come in a rounded shape. 2.Manufacturing– Electric resistance welding is the principle behind creation of ERW pipes where the coils are bent so that the edges come in close proximity before being subjected to electricity. The seamless pipes on the contrary are pushed forcibly with the aid of heat to attain 3.Welding– The seamless ones are truly without any signs of joints and form a uniform with no means to detect where it had been joined. The ERW pipe though has a welding mark visible lengthwise where the edges had been fused together with electrical power. 4.Sizes– The ERW pipes can be manufactured with 24 inches of external diameter while it is possible to make the seamless pipes attain an outer diameter of 26 inches in its assembly 5.Expense– The seamless pipes are definitely a trifle costlier than the ERW pipes that have a distinct joint longitudinally. However, the expense also depends on the quality of the product along with the codes that had been followed during the manufacture of the pipes. the required shape. line. Steel Pipe Sourcing (India) is a well established Pipes and Tubes Manufacturers, Exporters and Wholesale Suppliers in Mumbai, India, offering a quality range of Stainless Steel Pipes, ERW Steel Pipes Tubes, Welded SS Pipes Tubes, Branded SS Pipes and Tubes etc at market leading prices. Contact us Steel Pipe Sourcing Contact Person: V Jain Address: 1st Parsiwada Lane, N.D Road, Mumbai – 400004, Maharashtra Mobile: +91- 7678030302 E-Mail: