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CNG Cylinder Hydro Test Is Compulsory – Here’s Why PowerPoint Presentation
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CNG Cylinder Hydro Test Is Compulsory – Here’s Why

CNG Cylinder Hydro Test Is Compulsory – Here’s Why

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CNG Cylinder Hydro Test Is Compulsory – Here’s Why

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  1. CNG Cylinder Hy CNG Cylinder Hydro Test dro Test Is Is Comp Compu uls lsory ory – – Here Here’’s s Why Why There are a number of CNG vehicles move around the city and therefore, one need to take preventive measures to avoid the cylinder explosion situation. At the time of refueling the cylinder, it undergoes a strict pressure on its body and the constant stretching of the cylinder and its walls results in fatigue, which further leads to minor cracks and damages it drastically. When the cylinder no longer able to bear that stretch or pressure, so, it explodes, which can be risky for the vehicle and people inside it as well. To prevent the condition, you should go for the CNG Cylinder Hydro Test In Delhi once in every three years. The test is compulsory by the government because it minimizes the risk of explosion. It may help you find

  2. out if any leak or crack in the wall of the cylinder, so, you can rectify it immediately. Timely testing helps you prevent the condition from taking the deadly turn, so, you should follow the government guidelines and get the CNG Cylinder Testing done before it’s too late. Opting for CNG fuel is important as it is safe for the environment, thus, you cannot take investing your time and money in its servicing for granted. A.V Automobiles Pvt. Ltd is your one-stop to reach for the fitting of CNG kit and testing of the cylinder done. We render best CNG Cylinder Testing In Delhi at the most reasonable price that gives you value for money. If you any other concern or want us to answer any of your questions related to the same, be in touch with our experts