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Top 5 Amazing Tips for Interior Designing PowerPoint Presentation
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Top 5 Amazing Tips for Interior Designing

Top 5 Amazing Tips for Interior Designing

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Top 5 Amazing Tips for Interior Designing

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  1. Top 5 Amazing Tips for Interior Designing

  2. Whether you live in a flat or villa it doesn’t matter, since modifying interiors can give you enough presentable look for your house. Thus as a helping aid, I here list 5 topmost points that will set your things properly with more space and cleanliness.

  3. Don’t Stuff Materials • Choose the matching furniture and other amenities that are required for your rooms. Try not to stuff décor materials or any other showpieces at places since they can be stressing and create more dust. Keep what is required in the room allowing.

  4. Choose Perfect Colour • Follow a colour palette for your house and follow it around the house. Choosing appropriate colors for yourflatsor house can enhance the look of the whole place. Your primary colour should cover about 55% of the house and the rest relies on the secondary and third colour. Be sure to select a vibrant one for attracting people eye.

  5. Fake Space • If you have only small room space along low-ceiling then low height furniture’s are the best to decorate the room. They can make the room look more spacious and wide. If possible fix the mirrors vertically to increase the depth and height of the room.

  6. Showpieces and Paintings • If you have paintings or showpieces hang them near the wall of the sofa. They should be fixed just 3-4” above the level of the sofa to give elegant look. If the painting is big then increase the height level. Leave a gap between the sofa and wall to cover blank spaces of the wall.

  7. Arrange Pillows and Mirrors • Pile the pillows always and choose different colors, textures of the pillow to set the sofa. Also, while placing the mirror be conscious where to fix and what to reflect. • Thus in this way you can design the interiors by yourself. Hope you find it useful.