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Social Media Marketing Latest Trends in 2015

It is intended to provide information about how social media have forged a new era in marketing and also provides useful insights on the effectiveness of social media for businesses.

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Social Media Marketing Latest Trends in 2015

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  1. Social Media marketing (SMM) ACE WEB ACADEMY SMM is a process of gaining attention and traffic to your website through social media sites.  All efforts are focused towards creating content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it on their social networking sites. With the spurt in mobile device users, social media has emerged as one of the fastest business marketing tools. Businesses are gradually shifting from the traditional approach to social media, because it is playing an integral role in business promotion. It does more than improving site traffic and helping businesses reach more customers; it provides a valuable platform for better understanding your target audiences. www.acewebacademy.com7660-966-660

  2. Effectiveness of Social Media marketing ACE WEB ACADEMY • Social media have penetrated in every sphere of daily activities; be it for personal use or for business activities. • It encourages user involvement, such as posting comments, liking a post, or giving your votes to more complex activities like sharing an article or link or in simple terms hooking your contacts to the link you’ve accessed. • It is also highly capable of informing and influencing purchase decisions of the users. • It is also all about understanding how technology is used to connect people socially with their social networks and how this technique in turn benefits businesses and with the introduction of SMM. www.acewebacademy.com7660-966-660

  3. Social Media Trends By AWA www.acewebacademy.com

  4. Visuals to compliment the content ACE WEB ACADEMY Visuals /images of the brands hold a prime place in the social media world. Creating an attractive marketing campaign on social media should include visuals that compliment the brand. www.acewebacademy.com7660-966-660

  5. Compelling videos ACE WEB ACADEMY Videos forges an emotional connection to visitors; it is a vital part of a collaborative effort as apps and social media platforms make it ever easier for users to share their visual media. It will also feature interactive visual narratives that engage visitors and persuade them to perform an action. www.acewebacademy.com7660-966-660

  6. Quality content ACE WEB ACADEMY Users are often in search of quality and informative. They no longer want to read about what they already know, but they are in constant search for fresh and unique content. Well developed articles, posts and other web contents will make you socially viable and generate traffic to your website. . www.acewebacademy.com7660-966-660

  7. Being socially active ACE WEB ACADEMY Analyzing the targeted audience’s needs and fulfilling them holds a key to successful media marketing. Customers desire more clarity, before they make a purchasing decision; hence being active on various social media sites is a must. www.acewebacademy.com7660-966-660

  8. Mobile centric website ACE WEB ACADEMY Since majority of social media users access their favorite platforms from mobile devices, it is essential for any business to become mobile-centric;  employing mobile ads, real-time location-targeted content, and other mobile marketing to reach their customers, will prove beneficial. www.acewebacademy.com7660-966-660

  9. Multi-channel promotions ACE WEB ACADEMY Many companies succeed by concentrating on their social media marketing efforts. Multi-channel promotions could integrate a variety of social media and web channels. An engaging content can be shared and posted across the top social media platforms to be promoted with targeted social ads, mobile ads, emails, and web marketing. www.acewebacademy.com7660-966-660

  10. Ad re-targetting ACE WEB ACADEMY Users are more concerned about their cyber privacy. They are more cautious about who is tracking and recording their online social media activities.   www.acewebacademy.com7660-966-660

  11. Ad targeting ACE WEB ACADEMY One can deliver the right messages to the right people at the right time by using social ad targeting. Zeroing in on specific demographics or groups, you now have the ability to use images and copy that reflect the interests and vernacular of those in your targeted audience list.   www.acewebacademy.com

  12. Ad re-targeting ACE WEB ACADEMY This trend of placing ads on social media websites, focuses on bringing back the visitor, who has visited the site, but left it without getting converted. Face book Exchange, is the default channel for retargeting ads where banner ads are displayed on websites. With social media retargeting, you could ensure where your ads can be shown. www.acewebacademy.com

  13. Conclusion ACE WEB ACADEMY Apart from the above mentioned social media marketing trends, there are many more that aid in spreading a brand’s information from user to user. It serves as a relatively inexpensive platform for organizations to increase communication, foster brand awareness and often, improved customer service. www.acewebacademy.com 7660-966-660

  14. ACE WEB ACADEMY https://www.facebook.com/acewebacademytraininginstitute If you would like to learn Social Media Marketing Course, Write to us at: hello@acewebacademy.com Feel at ease to call us on: 040-64586626 / 7660-966-660 WhatApp No: 7660-966-660 Visit us: www.acewebacademy.com Plot. no: 124,2nd floor, Road no:12,Near Municipal Park ,West Marredpally,Secunderabad,Pin:500026 • https://twitter.com/Acewebacademy https://www.youtube.com/user/AceWebAcademy

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