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can a sewage treatment plant solve the problem n.
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Call us @ 8333032165 for Water Treatment Plant PowerPoint Presentation
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Call us @ 8333032165 for Water Treatment Plant

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Call us @ 8333032165 for Water Treatment Plant
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Call us @ 8333032165 for Water Treatment Plant

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  1. Can a sewage treatment plant solve the problem of waste treatment at source? If you are staying in a society or locality that is home to more than 200 households, you may be missing out these key issues in making your locality environment friendly. When you buy a house in such a locality, the first thing that is checked is the overall infrastructure. The construction quality, the overall reputation of the developer and builder, whether the roads and access paths are properly laid or not? What is not seen is how the locality or society handles its waste, including the waste water and sewage treatment. This is going to be the key factor in all house purchases going forward.

  2. Most of the times, the society is under town planning and just leaves the waste treatment part to the city municipality or administration. This makes the job of the society easier but increases the burden of the municipal authorities. No wonder the government has announced subsidies and discounts in the taxes to the houses/ societies that take care of waste treatment issues at the source. Is your society or locality reaping this benefit yet? If not, read on and see how you could become an environment super hero or heroine and also ensure you leave a cleaner and sustainable planet for your next generation. First and foremost, get a group of people who think similar to you together as this is not an initiative that can be handled by a family or two. It will only be beneficial if the entire locality participates. What also helps is creating awareness about the necessity to do this. In your next monthly or quarterly general meeting, make some posters or banners and display them in the society premises a week prior to the meeting. Consult with experts in water treatment, conservation and sewage water treatment specialists to show them your society structure and layout plans so that they can suggest the best locations to house a sewage treatment plant. I know you are going to say, but these things must be planned while the society or buildings are still under construction or should be included in the overall layout plan. That, my friend is an ideal world situation. Only if we are to start building a colony on an entirely new plot of land will we be able to incorporate such plans. Or maybe, for all the societies and localities that get built in the future will be able to do this. This is a myth that needs to be shattered. Getting plants installed later on also can make a huge difference. Initial costs may be high but for a 200+ household society, it is worth the investment and effort to treat the sewage to create rich bio gas that can be used for lighting common areas and reuse the treated water in keeping the garden and planted areas greener and cleaner. Let’s all take this pledge towards a cleaner and greener planet and become environmental super hero’s and heroine’s. For more details or to conduct a feasibility study, reach out to us on