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Personalized Koozies

Every company desires to grow and promotion is the best way to transform a company into a brand. Therefore, distribution of personalized koozies with company’s name and logo can prove a great tactics. Start the idea by distributing them among your staff and later proceed with your clients, partners and more.visit our website at http://www.kooziez.com/

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Personalized Koozies

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  1. Personalized Koozies Personalized Koozies Presented By: Koziez

  2. Introduction Introduction “Koozies” is this a new term for you? Yes! Koozies or coozies are decorated foam or fabric sleeves to insulate a beverage can or bottle. These are trendy and cool that adds colour to any party or picnic such as beer koozies for family reunion, personalized one for baby showers or wedding, customized koozies for company picnics or conventions, cheap koozies for fundraisers and more. ------- -------Our Gallery Our Gallery----- ------- --

  3. How to use personalized koozies best? Have you ever held a beer and the wetness due to the cold one has irritated you? Come on, we all have been in that situation at least once. The solution to this – Koozie. Koozie has developed as one of the most popular companions of beers. It keeps your hands dry and your beer warm. It is one of the best modern inventions which showed that simplicity is the way to go. Koozie, otherwise known as beer hugger, beer jacket, beer cozy has paved its way into our hearts. It became popular in the year 1981 and the whole of America seemed to fall in love with it. Today, you can have personalized koozies personalized koozies delivered at your doorstep. Be it the military or a laid back afternoon at a beach, you can find a koozie everywhere. In a sense, it imbibes the true American spirit. However, with the advent of personalized koozies, you can do a lot more with them than just keep your drink cold.

  4. it to promote your business. One can easily place the company logo or motto in the koozie and give it away. Since koozies are close to many, it will strike a cord immediately. With your company engraved in it, people will pay more attention to it. It is a great traditional marketing scheme that works brilliantly. Use it for business: When you have the option of a personalized koozie, you can use • material for any cause or event. An intriguing print copy on the koozie will be enough to bring in an audience to the event. People are emotional when they drink and relax. Using koozies for promoting your event will be the best method to utilize the emotional moment. Use it for a cause: Much like the business side, it can be used as a marketing

  5. give your employees some personalized koozies. When your employees will have a relaxing time, they will use your koozies to keep their hands dry. This is when they will notice your company logo and motto in their beer partners. This will provide a sense of belonging and care for the company. This often results in harboring loyal employees. Give away to employees: When the time comes for giving away, it's a great option to These are three more benefits of using koozies, albeit personalized koozies. It won't be an exaggeration if one says koozies are the most American thing. They resemble everything American and we are glad that it is here. Though it derives its roots from the British, it has enriched our culture in ways more than one. A personalized koozie is just a subtle way of stating the same.

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