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Taking advantage of 3D printing in your business PowerPoint Presentation
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Taking advantage of 3D printing in your business

Taking advantage of 3D printing in your business

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Taking advantage of 3D printing in your business

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  1. Taking advantage of 3D printing in your business 3D printing is a new revolution in the industry of printing. It has already started revolutionizing lives of many. It is an additive manufacturing process, which allows the making of three dimensional solid objects from any digital model. An object produced this way is generally created layer by layer. This makes it different from traditional machining techniques where subtractive processing is done- that is, reliance on removal of material by cutting, drilling etc. 3D Printing technology has come a long way since the first printing process was discovered over 200 years earlier. It has brought endless opportunities along with it. It has been predicted that this technique will grow 300% in next seven years. A few uses have been mentioned below: 1.Concept Modelling: - This allows designing and engineering firms to test more ideas to develop the right projects. When an idea has come to your mind, you could bring that concept into life the very same day. It means your time for bringing it into the market will also reduce and your sales will increase.

  2. 2.With the help of 3D printing the chances of errors get lowered as there is clearer communication. The desired product gets exact representation and the finished product is closer to the imagined one. 3. You can bring your design from the digital platforms to the physical world with the help of this technology. Hence the product development process will definitely accelerate. 4. You can add metals, papers or required components and develop parts with extremely fine details such as smooth surfaces, lettering, buttons, seals etc. this method of generating prototypes is unparalleled. These printers could be ordered online from genuine suppliers for reasonable rates. Business Details: Magicfirm, LLC. Address: 1920 Rock St Mountain View CA 94043 USA Business Email: Business Website: