aeroasis is a santa cruz based iot startup n.
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UV Light Germicidal | UV Germicidal – Aeroasis PowerPoint Presentation
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UV Light Germicidal | UV Germicidal – Aeroasis

UV Light Germicidal | UV Germicidal – Aeroasis

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UV Light Germicidal | UV Germicidal – Aeroasis

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  1. Aeroasis is a Santa Cruz based IoT startup revolutionizing the way people grow food and medicine for personal consumption. The Aeroasis mission from day 1 has been to empower people to grow in new ways at home, work, school, and beyond! With advanced in-house R&D capabilities, Aeroasis has been at the forefront of the hydroponic smart garden movement for over 5 years, and continues to design new and exciting ways to grow indoors!

  2. UV Light Germicidal | UV Germicidal - Aeroasis • Buy UV Germicidal, UV Light Germicidal Online At Best Prices In California. Shop Online UV Germicidal, UV Light Germicidal& More On Aeroasis. The CleanFuture UVC Wand is the best way to sanitize surfaces long-term in your business, home, or place of work uv germicidal uv light germicidal

  3. CleanFuture UV-C Wand The CleanFuture UVC Wand is the best way to Germicide surfaces long-term in your business, home, or place of work. Using trusted UV-C technology at 200-280nm, The CleanFuture Wand can neutralize viruses, fungi, and bacteria in a minute or less on most common surfaces. Our wands use 15W UVC Bulbs for faster disinfection times. Shipping Immediately! buy UVC Light germicidal UV Germicidal

  4. Buy UVC Light germicidal | Buy Cleaning Products Online | UV Light Disinfection | Buy UVC Light Germicidal at Low Prices. Aeroasis Offers A Wide Range Of Cleaning Products Online For You With Great Customer Service. Shop Online For UVC Light, UV Light & Other Cleaning Products On Aeroasis. buy UVC Light germicidal buy cleaning products online uv light disinfection UV germicidal

  5. Smart Garden Products | Buy Smart Garden Products Online – Aeroasis Buy smart gardens online for a great price. The plug and play smart garden that grows anything! Get yours! Whether you are a chef, a home grower, or an apartment dweller, Oasis is the smart garden for you. smart garden products Buy smart garden products

  6. OASIS Oasis is the ultimate gardening companion! With multiple ways to grow, an easy to use Grow App which controls all aspects of plant growth, and beautiful white and wood exterior finish options, growing your greens has never been more fun! Whether you are a chef, a home grower, or an apartment dweller, Oasis is the smart garden for you. smart gardening tools Buy smart garden products

  7. Buy Germicidal Products | Buy Germicidal Products Online – Aeroasis Best Germicidal Company to Buy Germicidal Products Online In California USA. #Aeroasis Manufacturer Offers a Wide Range Of Germicidal Products @Low Price. Buy Germicidal Products In California! buy germicidal products online germicidal company buy germicidal products

  8. Hydroponics Consultants | Hydroponic Consultancy Services - Aeroasis Top hydroponic consultants - Aeroasis is a leading hydroponics consultancy ready to help you take your farm to the next level.Talk with our agtech experts today! Hydroponic consulting services Hydroponics Consultants Top Hydroponic Consultants hydroponics consulting

  9. Germicidal Equipment The plug & play UVC Light Germicidal that does more in less time. The CleanFuture Wand can neutralize viruses, fungi, and bacteria in a minute or less on most common surfaces. buy Germicidal products best Germicidal company

  10. Trouble Shooting • What is UV-C and how is it different from other UV light? • UV light is made up of three wavelength categories: UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. UV-C light is a short-wavelength, ultraviolet light that breaks apart DNA, leaving it unable to perform functions or reproduce. • How long ago did people start using UV-C to sanitize surfaces? • People have been sanitizing with UV-C light since before 1900. Today, medical centers, labs, and facilities use UV-C sanitizing lights to keep their environments sterile and safe. Food processing centers and other manufacturing industries also rely on UV-C light for peace of mind. • Is UV-C light safe for humans and pets? • When used properly- YES! A UV-C device is not a toy, but a useful and powerful tool. When exposed, UV-C rays will cause skin and eye irritation and long term exposure can lead to skin damage and damage to eyesight. When using any UV-C device, ensure that you're pointing the UV-C light away from you and other living beings and wearing the proper protective gear. When UV-C lights are used with caution and instructions are followed, they are perfectly safe for human use.  • Can I use UV-C to clean any surface or room? • Pretty Much! UV-C can clean any surface including kitchenware, eyewear, toys, PPE, and clothes. Our UVC products are build to accommodate the needs of any business, from small tabletop uses all the way to warehouse and factory applications. • How can a UVC Cleaning device save me time and money? • When compared to any misting product, spray, surface coating, or manual cleaning technology, UVC clearly takes the cake. UVC devices offer: • Very rare consumables or added costs after purchase. • No residues or coatings left over on sensitive surfaces. • No manual labor hours needed to operate and clean entire rooms, and not just the surfaces (air volume too!). • No chemical runoffs or byproducts that can harm the local environment. • Ultra fast full room reset times. • uv light germicidal uv germicidal

  11. Our mission • We hope to address the issues of food waste, malnutrition, and agricultural water waste at the source, while providing our customers with a superior way to grow their own food. • We really believe that these kinds of cleaning solutions will be useful for life. • We hope you and your family are staying safe, clean, happy, and healthy. • Aeroasis seeks to empower individuals and families to make a small lifestyle shift that will go a long way.