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Paint Spray Hoses in Singapore. PowerPoint Presentation
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Paint Spray Hoses in Singapore.

Paint Spray Hoses in Singapore.

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Paint Spray Hoses in Singapore.

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  1. Afloat Marine And Services Pte Ltd Hose Fittings, SS Hose Fittings, Paint Spray Hoses and Thermoplastic Hoses Provider in Singapore.

  2. About Us Afloat Marine & Services Pte Ltd is established to serve offshore industries. Our experts are well proficient in Fabrication and Installation work. We analyse each component while assembling hydraulic hose system. Our services include Hose Fittings, Hydraulic Hose and Paint Spray Hoses. We focus on technical specification while using Hose Technology. We test the performance of every part which are needed for Hose fittings and then use it.

  3. Hose Fittings Services are basically provided by us for those industries where lot of Fabrication and Maintenance work are needed.

  4. Hydraulic Hoses Singapore. • Hydraulic Hoses are used when we need to provide flexibility for machine operation. Main motive of using hose technology is that we should not need to use pipes or tubes . Hose technology is basically used in ship building, repair and maintenance work. Here we use rubbers instead of pipe because rubber reduce the risk of injuries . Our services are mostly used in those sector where there are lot of fabrication and maintenance work.

  5. Hydraulic Hoses Singapore.

  6. Paint Spray Hoses • Afloat Marine and Services Pte Ltd offer Paint Spray Hoses Services in Singapore. Paint Spray Hoses services are needed for safety of machine equipments where We use Hose Technology. We make the difficult process of rolling a paint spray hoses easy. We give a great look to your ship or other machine equipments. We make your product safe so that you can easily use it for a long period of time.

  7. SS Hose Fittings • Hose technologies are basically used for SS Hose Fittings. Here We use rubbers to give safety of those products which are made from Stainless steel. Hose technologies are more popular because It make product qualitative. Hose technology are used in various applications such as air brakes system, Ship repair and maintenance work.

  8. SS Hose Fittings

  9. Hose Fittings Singapore Hose Fittings Technology are more popular now a days because These are cost effective and use rubbers instead of Pipe. It has numerous features. 1)-Safety and Durability. 2)-Low Maintenance Cost. 3)- Long Lasting.

  10. Contact Us • 5 Soon Lee Street #01-37, Pioneer Point, Singapore 627607 • Call us at  (65) 6369 9025 •