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Startup Annual Business Plan [Excel Template] PowerPoint Presentation
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Startup Annual Business Plan [Excel Template]

Startup Annual Business Plan [Excel Template]

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Startup Annual Business Plan [Excel Template]

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  1. Business-Startup-Annual-Plan BUSINESS STARTUP ANNUAL PLANNING TEMPLATE MEASUREMENT OF SUCCESS OBJECTIVES STRATEGIES TACTICS 1. New Referrals Print piece "snapshot" showing all our products and services, small digital print runs with "Create Your Own Brochure" so this can be updated quarterly as necessary, used as stand-alone one-sheeters, posted online and customized for each audience. # of snapshot PDF downloads Manage an email list of [audience1&2] that can be segmented by top influencers and niche. Create emails with only landing pages that house up-to-date resources that reflect the information in the more general printed "snapshot" Email metrics and landing page conversions Obtain XX new referrals through [audience1] and [audience2] referrals (Estimate $XX M in revenue) Communicate with [audience1] and [audience1] at least 24 times per year to engage, educate about products/services and encourage referrals Hold an annual event or webinar and invite all [audience1] to learn about our services and network together. % response rate of attendance % response rate of attendance and satisfaction survey results Annual appreciation "end of year" Thank You event for [audience1] [audience2] Establish an incentive program for referrals from [audience1] and other key influencers ROI after 1 year 2. New Customers (General) 2. New Customers (General) Retargeted online ads in social, email, youtube and search with CTA "Learn more" and "Buy Now" Monthly ROI of paid media Establish a Tag Management system for remarketing tags on all website properities # of new partners "Evergreen" integrated channel brand awareness campaign Obtain XX new customers in 2015 Establish media partnerships for added value media # of free impressions Establish social media outreach and increase network reach & engagement 3. Brand Awareness 3. Brand Awareness Create a PR plan for the rebranding initiative from conception through execution Cultivate relationships with key media influencers through XX event sponsorships in 2015# of brand social mentions and searches online Increase online brand awareness, engagement and reach by XX% Establish a system for realtime communication of key brand messages, impact results and develop a monthly newsletter personalized with the same information but visuals targeted to each audiences Establish a system for efficiently reaching PR and Blog influencers locally, in the US and internationally Email metrics for newsletter

  2. Business-Startup-Annual-Plan Establish a brand blog with weekly posts and stories that position the startup as a leader in the industry niche # of weekly posts and time on site Attend 4 networking events per month and send LinkedIn invitation to new contacts met at events # attended and new contacts Create an online media resource center and kits for all markets # of unique visitors and downloads 4. Social Sustainability & Global Impact Identify what issue is relevant to your business and how your product can help the world. Optimize conversion pathways on your website for traffic driven from social channels # of conversions Increase social reach by XX% and develop advocy content around an issue. Increase awareness about community-centric impact strategic product development % attendance rate, social shares, event satisfaction ratings Co-sponsor community events that can be used to promote sustainability initiatives Increase # millenial followers Create a "sharable" video that appeals to younger gen X and millenial audiences # of millenial prospects acquired 5. Retention of Current Customers 5. Retention of Current Customers Enhance online communication portal and quarterly report back emails New website initiative functionality enhacements and marketing automation # of completed website interaction goals Personalize the brand by featuring team profiles and interests Build robust employee profiles that communicaties their personal and professional passions and successes % engagement and new referrals Increase brand engagement by XX% for current customers Craft 12 new stories of impact which include a video testimonials # of video views and shares Create a life event messaging strategy with personalized multi-channel communications with incentives (birthdays, etc.) for holidays that make sense # of individual purchases Tell the story of the history of the brand and the customer's impact on growth Enhance exclusive resources, ebooks, webinars etc. allow for multi-channel distribution and repeat usage for current customers # of downloads and shares Offer affiliate lead programs and business revenue or stock-sharing programs # of partners