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7 Tips for Purchasing Air Conditioning Systems PowerPoint Presentation
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7 Tips for Purchasing Air Conditioning Systems

7 Tips for Purchasing Air Conditioning Systems

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7 Tips for Purchasing Air Conditioning Systems

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  1. AIR-RITE 7 Tips for Purchasing Air Conditioning Systems

  2. When people purchase air conditioning systems • Whether for a home or business, they have many considerations including type of system, pricing, installation, warrantees and maintenance. • When faced with this decision, it’s best to consult with a professional air conditioning specialist, to know your options.

  3. Between the various systems available – ducted air and split system air conditioning – there is a wide range of products to choose from, with varying features and air conditioning installation guidelines.

  4. Here is a short primer to introduce you some of the choices you will face.

  5. 1. Evaluate Different Air Conditioning Systems • A specialist will evaluate the space to be cooled for choosing which of the air conditioning systems will most meet your needs.

  6. Depending on the square footage, the architecture and the budget, there are two types that are commonly installed, and they are split system air conditioning and ducted air conditioning.

  7. Split System Air Conditioning • The way air conditioning works is to dissipate the hot air of a room or space to the outside and to blow cool air to the inside with fans. • A split system air conditioner divides the hot side from the cold side with a wall. The cold side is made up of a “cold coil” and expansion valve, and is housed in an air handler unit that blows air through the coil and to a duct or ducts in the building.

  8. This split system air conditioning can be placed at a home with separate units for each room. It is also used with large business offices, department stores and shopping malls with a huge condenser unit on the roof or with several smaller units for split zones

  9. Ducted Air Conditioning A ducted air conditioning system will provide quiet comfortable coolness to a home. A compressor unit powers the system outside the home, while air ducts connect each room with consistent air flow.

  10. A central thermostat determines the temperature • The functionality of the unit will allow several rooms in a home to be the same temperature for a pleasant ambiance in every room.

  11. 2. Address Air Conditioning Installation • Air conditioning installation means more than just putting a compressor on the outside of the building and air ducts and thermostat on the inside. Placement of both are important in getting the best air flow indoors and the most efficient and protected area for the compressor outside the building.

  12. An air conditioning company will assist you by having a professional look at your home or business to make a recommendation. A specialist will review the capacity, sunlight in the room, and air distribution and make the recommendation for the most effective installation.

  13. 3. Review Air Conditioning Prices • Air conditioning prices will vary widely, depending on whether a home or business owner prefers split system air conditioning or ducted air conditioning, and the amount of space to be cooled.

  14. The size of the unit that produces the cool air and whether or not the system is ducted or split level will be a factor too.

  15. Air conditioning prices are based on the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER rating) that determines how well the unit converts the electricity to cool air throughout the building and pertains to ducted air conditioning. Also included in the pricing is the brand of equipment and the warrantees issued.

  16. 4. Ask About the Air Conditioning Unit Warrantee • An air conditioning warrantee must be examined carefully when choosing the AC unit. Most air conditioning systems will be covered by a year or more of product protection, and the installation is insured by the installer by an even longer period, if a warrantee for AC installation is granted.

  17. When you have the system you are choosing reviewed, purchased from and installed by the same company, you will have much more assurance that it will have covered warrantees from the installation and the product itself. Warrantee extensions can also occasionally purchased or granted.

  18. 5. Discuss Air Conditioning Maintenance with the Provider • All air conditioning systems and especially ducted units will perform best if they have regular air conditioning maintenance. • You as a home or business owner can do some of the maintenance yourself and also call upon the air conditioning vendor to assist you.

  19. The first order of maintenance for your AC unit is to regularly replace the air filters. The minimum time in which an air filter needs replacement is quarterly.

  20. Secondly, ducted air conditioning systems may need occasional cleaning of the ducts to remove excess dust particles, pollen, debris and sometimes mold and mildew.

  21. Lastly, the AC system will work more efficiently if the coils of the condenser unit are cleaned on an annual basis.

  22. 6. Hire an Air Conditioning Specialist • Purchasing, installing and maintaining air conditioning systems is easy to accomplish when you hire an air conditioning specialist.

  23. This type of company will be able to analyze your air conditioning needs and offer solutions, with various pricing estimates on the most efficient units for your home or business.

  24. The quote will offer turnkey costs for delivery, installation, electrical work and warrantees for both the air conditioning system and the installation workmanship.

  25. This route is the most productive way to install an AC system and will keep your unit running hassle-free for years to come.