2003 strategic plan n.
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2003 Strategic Plan PowerPoint Presentation
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2003 Strategic Plan

2003 Strategic Plan

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2003 Strategic Plan

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  1. 2003 Strategic Plan Presentation To UNO Strategic Planning Advance November 14, 2003

  2. What is Strategic Planning? • Strategic: preparing the best way to respond to circumstances (objectives and resources) of the organization’s environment- regardless of whether they are known in advance. • Planning: intentionally setting goals and developing an approach to achieving those goals. • Disciplined and focused: a set of decisions about what to do, why to do it and how to do it.

  3. Successful Strategic Planning: • Leads to action • Builds a shared vision that is values-based • Is an inclusive, participatory process in which board and staff take on shared ownership • Accepts accountability to the community • Is externally focused and sensitive to the organization’s environment • Is based on quality data • Requires an openness to questioning the status quo • Is a key part of effective management

  4. The Strategic Planning Process Step One - Getting Ready Step Two - Articulating the Mission and Vision Step Three - Accessing the Situation Step Four - Developing Strategies, Goals and Objectives Step Five - Completing the Written Plan

  5. Mission The University of Nebraska at Omaha Alumni Association exists to facilitate alumni involvement with the University through communication, activities and support. The Association promotes UNO, its students and its graduates, and serves that community with integrity and pride. Vision The UNO Alumni Association is a strong advocate for the University, its students and its graduates. The Association strengthens the University by providing a voice for alumni through active membership.

  6. The Four Strategies of the UNO Alumni Association • The UNO Alumni Association will remain self-supporting through donations and the sale of services. • The UNO Alumni Association will encourage robust two-way communication with all the people it serves to effectively support the University and the Alumni Association. • The UNO Alumni Association will design and deliver activities that will engage current and future donors and members. These activities will expose alumni and community members to the campus and the Alumni House. • The UNO Alumni Association will reinforce the relationshipbetween the University and alumni, and strengthen the relationship between alumni and the Association.

  7. Highlights • Create services and activities that are valuable to our extended community • Career services • Mentoring • Focus on current and future supporters • Current Students • Recent Alumni • The Golden Circle • Ensure the financial viability of the Association and the University • Support the community

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