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Coach/Instructor Training

Coach/Instructor Training Fall 2009 NC State Club Sports Training Overview Campus Recreation Mission and Organization Club Sports Overview Coaching Status and Selection Compensation and Reimbursement Involvement Authority Coach/Instructor Pass Guest List Expectations Campus Recreation

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Coach/Instructor Training

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  1. Coach/Instructor Training Fall 2009 NC State Club Sports

  2. Training Overview • Campus Recreation Mission and Organization • Club Sports Overview • Coaching Status and Selection • Compensation and Reimbursement • Involvement • Authority • Coach/Instructor Pass • Guest List • Expectations

  3. Campus Recreation • The mission of the department of Campus Recreation is to provide diverse opportunities for the campus community of NC State University and to expand the knowledge of and participation in recreational activities, which foster healthy lifestyles, sportsmanship, and leadership.

  4. Organizational Chart

  5. Club Sports Overview • Each club is formed, developed, governed and administered by the student membership of that particular club working in conjunction with the Club Sports office. • Each club is considered a private organization separate from NC State University, but with an affiliation as a registered student organization and affiliated club sport. • The key to a clubs success is student leadership, interest, involvement and participation.

  6. Club Sports at NC State • Swimming • Table Tennis • Tae Kwon Do • Tennis • Triathlon • Ultimate (M & W) • Volleyball (M & W) • Water Polo • Water Ski and Wakeboard • Wrestling Requesting Affiliation Clubs • Gymnastics • Ice Hockey D2 • Ice Hockey D3 • Lacrosse (M & W) • Martial Arts • Outing • Racquetball • Rodeo • Roller Hockey • Rowing • Rugby (M & W) • Sailing • Skateboarding • Ski and Snowboard • Soccer (M & W) • Social Ballroom Dance • Softball • Aikido • All Girl Cheerleading • Badminton • Baseball • Basketball (M & W) • Bass Fishing • Bowling • Clogging • Cricket • Cross Country and Track • Cycling and Mountain Biking • Dance Team • Equestrian Dressage • Equestrian Hunt Seat • Fencing • Field Hockey • Golf

  7. Welcome to Club Sports! • Thank you for your involvement with Club Sports at NC State. We rely on the knowledge and generosity of instructors like you to make our Club Sports program as successful as it is. The following information should familiarize you with your role as a coach or instructor.

  8. Status with NC State • The Club Sports program operates primarily with volunteer coaches/instructors • Coaches/instructors may or may not be paid by the individual clubs, as private organizations, but do not receive any funds from Campus Recreation or NC State University • Coaches/instructors are not employees of Campus Recreation or NC State University • Individual club officers, not Campus Recreation or NC State University, are responsible for evaluating the certifications/qualifications of all coaches/instructors

  9. Selection Process • Club officers are responsible for the selection and evaluation of all club coaches/instructors • It is the responsibility of the club officers to check the background, qualifications, and certifications of their coaches/instructors • The professional staff of Campus Recreation and NC State University are not involved in this evaluation or selection process

  10. Compensation & Reimbursement • Any compensation provided by individual clubs to their coaches/instructors must be paid with income generated by the club, not the club’s University allocation • The University will not reimburse clubs for any coach/instructor-related expense (including lodging, entry fees, etc.)

  11. Limited Involvement • In order to remain consistent in our mission to provide student development and student leadership opportunities, club coaches/instructors should restrict their involvement with the club to teaching and coaching in practice and competition • Any involvement by club coaches/instructors in other areas of club management should be limited to an advisory and/or motivational role • Coaches/instructors who are currently enrolled students are allowed take a more active role in club management

  12. Authority • Club officers and the club as a whole have the authority to make any decision regarding the status of their coaches/instructors • Campus Recreation reserves the right to remove a coach/instructor from the position if their behavior becomes unsafe, dangerous, or hazardous to the club members and/or the future of the club

  13. Coach/Instructor Passes • If the club you are coaching/instructing practices in Carmichael Complex up to two (2) coaches/instructors per club can receive a Carmichael Complex Coach/Instructor Pass • Upon completion of orientation, a signature on the Coach/Instructor Guideline Acknowledgement form, and completed Coach/Instructor Information form, the coach/instructor will receive a Carmichael Complex Coach/Instructor Pass for facility access • Coaches/instructors are responsible for following all facility guidelines • Access to the Carmichael Recreation Center is restricted

  14. Weekly Guest List • Clubs have the opportunity to have visiting instruction by adding guests’ names to a guest list that is generated weekly • This opportunity can be invaluable to sport clubs that have difficulties recruiting and retaining coaches/instructors • The list cannot be used as a substitute for the coach/instructor orientation • Individuals on the Guest List will be allowed entrance to the facilities with photo identification during the respective club’s regularly scheduled practice or event • Names to be considered for addition to the Guest List must be received no later than 12 pm (Noon) on Monday for the upcoming week. No exceptions will be made.

  15. Expectations • Coaches/instructors are responsible for adhering to all local, state, and federal laws and applicable Club Sports, Campus Recreation, Carmichael Complex, and NC State University policies and guidelines while engaging in the act of coaching/instructing a club • Campus Recreation reserves the right to request removal by club officers of any coach/instructor for violation of these laws, policies, or guidelines • Campus Recreation reserves the right to suspend club privileges if club officers do not comply with this request

  16. Thank You • We hope that you have a better understanding of what it means to be a coach/instructor for a club sport at NC State University • Please be sure to submit your Coach/Instructor Guideline Acknowledgement form at this time to mary_yemma@ncsu.edu • If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 919-513-3890. Have a great season!

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