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Students must be in the classroom by 7:50 * Send in excuse note PowerPoint Presentation
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Students must be in the classroom by 7:50 * Send in excuse note

Students must be in the classroom by 7:50 * Send in excuse note

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Students must be in the classroom by 7:50 * Send in excuse note

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  1. Students must be in the classroom by 7:50 *Send in excuse note for absences within three days to or to me. Transportation changes need to made before 1:45 to the front office. Please do not email the changes to me unless carmen.lumpkin is copied or vice versus. Your cooperation is appreciated.

  2. 7:15-7:50 Media Center/ Silent Read 7:50-8:00 Attendance 8:00-8:30 Language Arts 8:30-9:20 Guided Reading 9:20-9:40 Snack/Shared Reading 9:40-10:25 SPECIALS-see calendar 10:30-11:05 Science/S.S./Health 11:35-12:05 Lunch 12:05-12:40 Writing 12:45-1:05 Recess 1:10-2:10 Number talks/ Math

  3. M: Science T: P.E. W: Art 5 day rotation TH: P.E. FR: Music

  4. Students will use Head phones for the computers on a regular basis

  5. Shared Reading – modeling strategies for reading fluency and comprehension Guided Reading – Small group – differentiated for individual student needs – fiction and non-fiction text Literacy Centers – revisit skills in word work, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension

  6. AR = Accelerated Reader program… Check the media center blog for Renaissance Home Connect to see child’s progress and go to AR book finder. Access to over 139,000 quizzes Students take quizzes at school 2nd grade expectation: • earn 1 pointfor a total of 7 points for the first grading period • Students must achieve 80% correct • Goals will increase each nine weeks

  7. Quarter 1: Narratives Quarter 2: Informative/Explanatory Quarter 3: Opinion Quarter 4: Review all of the above

  8. Basic syllable patterns, blending and high frequency words • Build decoding and increase reading rate • Decodable text passages • Spiraled curriculum • Weekly spelling list sent home on Mondays • More information to come

  9. Whole Group – teacherinstructs and models concept Guided Math– Small group with teacher; differentiated for individual student needs Work Stations – revisit skills with games and partner practice, performance tasks Review & Practice– number talks, problem solving, and math journals

  10. Quarter 1: Properties of Matter Introduction to Pushes and Pulls Quarter 2: Pushes and Pulls Stars Quarter 3: Seasons, Shadows, Moon; Environmental changes Quarter 4: Life Cycles-Animals & Plants Science Lab –(provided by Due West Foundation)

  11. The Foundation

  12. Map Skills- Georgia Regions and rivers • Creek and Cherokee Cultures- Oglethorpe, Sequoyah, Mary Musgrove, Tomochichi • Historical figures of Georgia-Jackie Robinson & MLK Jr., Juliet Gordon Lowe, Jimmy Carter • Government and the need for rules and laws • Economic understandings, goods and services, personal financing

  13. 15-20 minutes, Monday-Thursday • Review/Practice skills taught in school • Reading • Websites-Cobb Digital Library • Math Facts • Spelling/Phonics

  14. Report Card All Georgia students are expected to meet the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE).  The GSE outline what each student should know, understand, and be able to do in core content areas. The purpose of the report card is to provide clear communication to students and parents on the student’s progress toward meeting the state standards. Each student is assessed to determine to what extent (3+, 3, 2, or 1) he/she demonstrates mastery of the standard. 3+     Exceeds Standards - Makes applications and inferences beyond expectations.3       Meets Standards- consistently and independently 2       Progressing toward-- meeting the standards 1       Limited progress- or does not meet standards

  15. Report Card...Learning Skillsand Behaviors

  16. 1 Due West PBIS One Team. Our Goal. Pioneer PRIDE. Positive behavior intervention & support

  17. What is PBIS? • Comprehensive, evidence based, data driven approach to positive student discipline • District & State supported initiative that earns Due West CCRPI points • Three main components • Teach appropriate behaviors & expectations across settings • Reward students when behavior expectations are met • Consistent interventions when behavior expectations are not met One Team. Our Goal. Pioneer. PRIDE

  18. Focus on the Positive • Fosters a positive school climate for all stakeholders • Consistent school wide acknowledgement & reward for students demonstrating Pioneer P.R.I.D.E. • Due West Dollars earned & redeemed for grade level determined rewards • P.R.I.D.E. Points – classes work as a team to earn 100 points, then celebrate with a class chosen reward on designated Friday One Team. Our Goal. Pioneer PRIDE.

  19. Pioneer P.R.I.D.E. • Participate • Respect • Inspire • Do the right thing • Exercise safe behavior P R I D E One Team. Our Goal. Pioneer PRIDE.

  20. What Does it Look Like? One Team. Our Goal. Pioneer PRIDE. Students are taught specific school wide expectations for both classroom and non-classroom settings

  21. Pioneer P.R.I.D.E • With positive encouragement, we believe our children will display Pioneer P.R.I.D.E. across all settings, and be positive role models in the Due West community • Mistakes are opportunities to learn! One Team. Our Goal. Pioneer PRIDE.

  22. What happens if students don’t follow the expectations? MINOR OFFENSES** • Verbal aggression – name calling • Disruption – talking, annoying others • Lack of participation/Off task • Mild disrespect/arguing • Rough housing – pushing, accidental hitting, etc. • Misuse of materials **This is a sample, and NOT to be considered an all inclusive list. MAJOR OFFENSES • Serious offenses tied directly to the CCSD Student Code of Conduct (JCDA-R) • Result in an Office Referral, administrative investigation, & possible consequences according to the JCDA-R policy • JCDA-R is available online & in your Family Information Guide • After 3 reminders the student will be given a response strategy such as walking the track to think about how they can make a positive change. This will be noted on their monthly calendar. One Team. Our Goal. Pioneer PRIDE.

  23. Final Important Details • • PTA Volunteer Sign-up • Foundation, Tailgate, Friday August 24th 5:00-7:30 • Picnic in the Park, Friday, September 7th 6:00-8:00 • Fall Conferences with report cards: • October 15th-19th • Due West Dash: Saturday, October 13th • Wish list Please leave a note for your child on his/her desk.

  24. We’re off to a great start and we will have a fantastic year!