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Window Tint Richardson Texas PowerPoint Presentation
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Window Tint Richardson Texas

Window Tint Richardson Texas

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Window Tint Richardson Texas

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  1. Tritek Tinting, Inc. Phone: (972) 926-5666 WELCOME TO TRITEK TINGTING WEBSITE - Email: WEBSITE -

  2. Tritek Tinting, Inc. Phone: (972) 926-5666 Welcome to Tritek Tinting! Tritek Window Tinting is the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex’s premier auto window tinting store. We have built a reputation for being trusted with tinting everyday regular vehicles to your most prized possession exotics and high end vehicles. Located in Garland, Texas; Tritek provides pick up and delivery services for dealers such as BMW, Volkswagen, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford, Mazda and many more. Tritek was established in 2000 and has since built a reputation for outstanding quality and service, as well as products that last a lifetime. Email: WEBSITE -

  3. Tritek Tinting, Inc. Phone: (972) 926-5666 Dallas window tinting! Tritek is pleased to offer you customizable window tint that serves both aesthetic and practical functions. We have a full line of automotive window tinting options, from a sheer window tint that decreases the sun’s glare to a heavy window tint that maintains your privacy. Email: WEBSITE -

  4. Tritek Tinting, Inc. Phone: (972) 926-5666 Car Window Tinting The use of window tint on automobiles is very common today. There are many different styles and shades to choose from. We guarantee you will get the best car window tinting in Dallas and surrounding areas. Call us today for a free window tint quote (972)926-5666 Email: WEBSITE -

  5. Tritek Tinting, Inc. Phone: (972) 926-5666 Charcoal® tints Charcoal® tints represent the richest black and truest gray you can find in a car tint, while providing nearly 100% UV protection, and blocking over 66% of the sun’s heat. Email: WEBSITE -

  6. Tritek Tinting, Inc. Phone: (972) 926-5666 Car Tint If you’re looking for a tint that provides disruption-free use of your cell phone, GPS, and radio, our Charcool films were developed to do just that—with the quality you’d expect from Madico, and it’s guaranteed for life. Visit us today for the best in automotive window tinting! Email: WEBSITE -

  7. Tritek Tinting, Inc. Phone: (972) 926-5666 Automotive Product Lines Stay cool and stay in tune with Wincos Automotive Window Films. Wincos films are engineered to reject the sun’s heat without interfering with your car’s next generation technology, including: tire pressure monitors, GPS, Satellite Radio and AM/FM. Wincos features extreme infrared heat rejection, blocks almost 100% of UV rays and is available in four different levels of visible light transmission ensuring there is a style for every car – and every legal code. Email: WEBSITE -

  8. Tritek Tinting, Inc. Phone: (972) 926-5666 Wincos “EXTREME” Automotive Window Files Wincos Extreme Automotive Window Films feature the newest technology in window film today— a high heat rejection film without the electronic interference caused by metallized constructions. What makes Wincos different is that it’s based on pioneering “spectrally selective” construction. This breakthrough material blocks heat through the use of infrared technology. Email: WEBSITE -

  9. Tritek Tinting, Inc. Phone: (972) 926-5666 • Side Windows to The Right and Left of The Driver • Sunscreening devices can be applied to the side windows to the right and left of the driver if the following conditions are met. • Sunscreening devices, when measured in combination with the original glass, have a light transmittance value of 25% or more. • Sunscreening devices, when measured in combination with the original glass, have a luminous reflectance value of 35% or less. Email: WEBSITE -

  10. Tritek Tinting, Inc. Phone: (972) 926-5666 Tritek’s mission is to provide customers with unmatched product quality and precision service that consistently meets and exceeds your expectations. Call or email today – (972)926-5666 and let us show you how we can make your life easier. Email: WEBSITE -

  11. Tritek Tinting, Inc. Phone: (972) 926-5666 THANKS FOR WATCHING WEBSITE - Email: WEBSITE -