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Law firms

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  1. Welcome To Alexander Johnson law The Law Office of Alexander Johnson 635 Bryant St #3, Palo Alto, CA 94301, United States Contact Us : FOR A FREE CONSULTATION 650-419-9527

  2. California Business Contract Lawyer At some points of life (especially in terms of business contract), everyone needs a legal help. If such situation occurs in your personal or professional life, choosing the right Business Contract Lawyer in California is the ultimate solution for you. Alexander Johnson Law is one of such companies that help you come up with the situation with its expert team of professional attorneys.

  3. Sexual harassment lawyers California Sexual harassment is actually a type of sex discrimination only. If you have been subjected to intolerable or unpleasant physical or verbal conduct of a sexual nature whether you are a student or an employee, you are most probably the victim of sexual harassment. If it is the case with you, let Sexual harassment lawyers in California evaluate your situation.

  4. California employment contract law An employment contract is basically a written or verbal agreement between an employee and an employer that sets out terms and conditions of employment. When the deal is made on paper, you need contact an employment contract law in California to make sure that your rights are protected as well as the terms of the contract are enforceable and clear.

  5. Gender discrimination lawyer Palo Alto No matter you are a man or woman, any kind of discrimination with job applicants or employees based on their gender is illegal and comes under gender discrimination. If you are also one of those victims who are going through under this unfavorable situation, let Gender discrimination lawyer in Palo Alto fight for your rights.

  6. Racial discrimination lawyer Palo Alto Racial discrimination is actually a kind of offense in which a person is treated less favorably comparatively another person in a similar situation just because of their race, descent, color, ethnic or national origin or immigrant status. If you also have encountered or treated unfairly any of the issues mentioned here, you need contact a racial discrimination lawyer in Palo Alto immediately

  7. Wrongful termination lawyer Menlo Park Wrongful termination occurs when an employee is fired wrongly from his or her job designation by the employer. If you also think that you have been fired without any relevant cause, you need contact Alexander Johnson Law right away so as to hire Wrongful termination lawyer in Menlo Park.