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Pro Ways To Greatly Increase Your SoundCloud Plays PowerPoint Presentation
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Pro Ways To Greatly Increase Your SoundCloud Plays

Pro Ways To Greatly Increase Your SoundCloud Plays

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Pro Ways To Greatly Increase Your SoundCloud Plays

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  1. Pro Ways To Greatly Increase Your SoundCloud Plays

  2. 1. Post your music everywhere We see a lot of artists who post their music on SoundCloud and maybe YouTube and then call it a day. This may work if you have a promo budget that allows you to channel all your traffic to these two platforms. But without a promo budget, a different approach may be more successful: post your music everywhere! The bigger the net, the more fish you will catch.

  3. 2. Optimize SoundCloud metadata Your track shouldn’t contain a handful of unreadable cryptic messages. It should, however, contain pertinent information, such as the artist name, track title, and label. There’s no need to add track numbers to your title when uploading an album. Not everyone on SoundCloud is an artist. Label accounts should provide the artist’s name and title so the artist and song can be recognizable. Additionally, this information helps with discoverability on the platform.

  4. 3. Images and descriptions are powerful on SoundCloud Don’t push the cover art and description down to the bottom of the priority list. You should use high resolution images and upload and resize them to fit within the confines. In addition, the description is a clean slate that allows you to be as descriptive and creative as you want. Tell your listeners the story of the audio you’ve uploaded. In the description you can add the “backstory, credits, lyrics, gear lists, or guest lists,” adds the blog post. This is also the perfect place to give your collaborator(s) a shoutout by linking their profiles. Remain consistent and professional in your writing on your tracks.

  5. 4. Tag the mood and genre of your audio Every piece of audio has a mood tied to it. Be sure that you show it in the tags. Furthermore, the algorithm that SoundCloud uses is very specific and prioritizes recommendations for its users. If your tags are correct, you’ll be much more discoverable. Additionally, by choosing the main genre of your track, you should subsequently add a few relevant sub-genres and moods that describe your audio. “It’s better to add a handful of relevant tags rather than go crazy and add as many as you can,” states the blog post.

  6. 5. Be an artist and curator for a comprehensive discography Much like a website, making your music easy to find on your profile should be a top priority. Are you releasing an album, EP, or compilation? Create a playlist for it because it shows up under the “Albums” section of your profile. SoundCloud orders them according to their release date, which makes it simple for fans. Additionally, listeners will be able to add it to their collection. So, in addition to receiving reposts and uploads to successful profiles, you can do some basic metadata configuration on your tracks. Fill in all of the information correctly, and ensure your tags are relevant, not spammy.

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