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Things You Should Know Before Invisalign PowerPoint Presentation
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Things You Should Know Before Invisalign

Things You Should Know Before Invisalign

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Things You Should Know Before Invisalign

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  1. Things You Should Know Before  INVISALIGN

  2. Ever since the advent of various teeth aligning tools, the face of dentistry technology has been revolutionizing. There a number of teeth alignment techniques that have been coming into use in place of the conventionally used metal or clear brackets.

  3. The Invisalign system is particularly one of the new dental techniques via which we straighten teeth. Invisalign aligners can be seen as a comfortable, removable and almost invisible alternative to the unsettling metallic braces. Therefore, it’s been rising to the forefront of cosmetic dentistry technology. Further in this article, we will discuss things to know before getting Invisalign treatment.

  4. HOW INVISALIGN WORKS? Invisalign treatment consists of a series of see-through braces/aligners which gradually move your teeth both horizontally and vertically into position. They work via exerting perfect amount of pressure to push the teeth into the desired direction, more or less like the metal braces.

  5. The aligners cause teeth movement slightly over a period of two weeks. Hence, every two weeks, depending on the progress of an individual dental case, the set of aligners will change to move the teeth further. As the dental procedure progresses over a period of few weeks and months, the teeth set into the desirable position.

  6. What Are The Different Types Of Invisalign Braces?

  7. INVISALIGN FULL: Most design features can be used with these type of braces as they offer the greatest degree of flexibility in terms of treatments possible. INVISALIGN TEEN : These are the same as the FULL set except that they come with better benefits for the teenagers. Also come with six replacement aligners at no charge along with offering a room for the growing teeth. INVISALIGN i7 : The latest addition to the range of Invisalign solutions comprises of a typically shorter treatment time than the standard Invisalign course. This was developed for those people who need minor dental corrections.

  8. ARE INVISALIGN ALIGNERS DIFFICULT TO MAINTAIN? Absolutely not! Invisalign aligners require less care & maintenance. The braces/aligners can be easily cleaned using a soft brush and some lukewarm water, every night before going to bed. Invisalign aligners are easy to maintain oral hygiene using these type of aligners as these are easily removable and it’s convenient to floss and brush your teeth as normal.

  9. HOW MUCH DOES INVISALIGN COST? In the United States, the cost of Invisalign generally ranges from $2800-$7000. The more complex your dental case gets, the higher the cost gets since the number of aligners also change accordingly. Since most of you would find this treatment as a matter of huge investment of your hard earned money, most dental clinics offer monthly payment plans under different schemes at our clinic and also present schematic plans in accordance with your health insurance.