what makes uae the favorite destination of international students n.
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What makes the UAE attractive to international students? PowerPoint Presentation
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What makes the UAE attractive to international students?

What makes the UAE attractive to international students?

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What makes the UAE attractive to international students?

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  1. What Makes UAE the Favorite Destination of International Students?

  2. Introduction Every year, the UAE welcomes a large population of international students to its universities. Students from more than 108 countries study here in various programs including bachelor's and master's degrees in subjects such as arts, science, engineering, business, communications, media, and nursing. In this presentation, we have detailed the reasons why the UAE is considered a favorite destination of international students.

  3. Secure a Career • By enrolling in a program at UAE universities international students can easily secure employment in Dubai and make their life in this exciting city.

  4. International Student Program • Some of the top-ranked universities in UAE offer International Student Program, and organize a series of activities for new international students, both on and off-campus, which are referred to as Welcome Week. • These programs enable students to meet other international students, make friends, and get settled into Dubai university life.

  5. Visa Sponsorship • Topengineering universities in Dubai provide a straightforward visa sponsorship service for non resident students in the UAE. • This allows them to study and reside in the country for a 1 year (renewable) period, to cover the duration of the program.

  6. Quality of Education • Being subsidiary branches of renowned universities around the world, most of the universities in UAE offer high-quality education to the students. • This helps international students to secure good quality education and attain a better career in future.

  7. Safe Environment • One of the biggest perks of studying in the UAE is safety. Some of the best universities in Dubai offer accommodation for international students. • UAE's 100 percent safe and secure environment to study and explore makes it a favorite destination of international students.

  8. Conclusion The universities in Dubai provide a dynamic, stimulating and rewarding environment for students, and business professionals alike, this makes UAE a favorite study destination of international students.

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