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CCTV Camera - A Key to Secure Home PowerPoint Presentation
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CCTV Camera - A Key to Secure Home

CCTV Camera - A Key to Secure Home

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CCTV Camera - A Key to Secure Home

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  1. CCTV Camera A Key To Secure Home

  2. Type Of CCTV Camera  Dome Camera  Bullet Camera  Wired Camera  Wireless Camera  Indoor Camera  Outdoor Camera  IP Camera  HDCVI Camera

  3. Dome Camera It is shaped like a dome and due to this called dome security cameras. D ome camera is affixed on a ceiling. It is mostly used in banks, airports a nd offices. It is very hard to know where the camera is pointed due to its dome which covers up camera lens.

  4. Bullet Camera Bullet cameras are also known as cylinder cameras. These cameras are used t o tell where the camera is pointing. There are many advantages to use bullet c ameras. These are easy to mount and adjust, have weather resistant design, ta kes very little surface to mount.

  5. Wired Camera Wired camera is an old age camera but many people feel comfortable wi th these cameras because they are most familiar with it. Installing wired cameras is a hassle task and needs to take help of experienced technici an to install it.

  6. Wireless Camera Wireless camera is a modern age camera. It is easy to install and you can install it just by reading installation guide. Its main advantages are portab ility, versatility and mobility.

  7. Indoor Camera Indoor cameras are used to monitor an entire area. Fixed lens of indoor c ameras help to focus permanently on a very specific area. It is mostly use d for the high quality video image of the places that is most important for you.

  8. Outdoor Camera Outdoor cameras are design for outdoor use and therefore weather resist ance is its main feature. The components of outdoor cameras are designe d to capture wider exterior views.

  9. IP Camera An IP security camera is a web based security camera. It can be viewed and recorded from any far-flung area. IP security camera to be connect ed to a network and has its own IP address that allows communication & functions over the Internet.

  10. HDCVI Camera There are several key aspects that come together in synergy which make HDCVI such a truly sensational security camera system.

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