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Twyla Garrett

Twyla Garrett

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Twyla Garrett

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  1. Twyla Garrett of Fort Washington Is An Experienced Lady in Entrepreneurship.

  2. Twyla Garrett of Fort Washington is a Multi-Faceted Business Professional women who has proved her efficiency and capability in many fields. She is a corporate speaker, an author, an entrepreneur and above all a true humanitarian. Where most entrepreneurs take years to build their career Twyla in her early 40's has a career portfolio.

  3. Twyla Garrett of Fort Washington is the president and CEO of IME Inc., a management consulting firm which is based in Connecticut Ave, NW. This firm deals with all the problems of woman and minority-owned firm that specializes in Management Consulting Services, Homeland security and Emergency Preparedness, Information Technology Support Services, Life Cycle Acquisition Support and Construction Program Management. Since 2000, Twyla has worked with many commercial businesses, government agencies and private sector organizations throughout the country.

  4. Twyla Garrett of Fort Washington has won many awards and honors like National Capital Region Biometric Board Member, American Council of International FLEX Scholarship Evaluator, Adjunct Business Faculty for the Graduate School USA, Divine Divas Mentoring Award by the  University of Texas and Pursuit of Dream Foundation, Cleveland Living Legends 2010 Awardee,

  5. Aggressive real estate-pruner who utilizes opportunities to rebuild economically depressed cityscapes, Member of the Black US Chamber of Commerce and many others. Not only this, Twyla supports many charitable organizations that work for the welfare of the society. One of the organizations that she is supporting for many years is “Foundation of Success” which is a non-profit organization and works with practitioners to improve the practice of conservation.

  6. Also, Twyla Garrett of Fort Washington has worked as a federal employee for around 9 years as deputy controller for the Naval Depot and foreign military sales manager for Space and Naval Warfare System Command. She is an American Board for Information Security and Computer Forensics Board Member 2013 and also an MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) top 100 Award-Winner. Apart from all this, her book Homeland Security is one of the top 100 Top Masters of Homeland Security.