plia designs must have designer handbags the reid satchels n.
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PLIA Designs Must-Have Designer Handbags: The Reid Satchels PowerPoint Presentation
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PLIA Designs Must-Have Designer Handbags: The Reid Satchels

PLIA Designs Must-Have Designer Handbags: The Reid Satchels

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PLIA Designs Must-Have Designer Handbags: The Reid Satchels

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  1. PLIA Designs Must-Have Designer Handbags: The Reid Satchels

  2. If you follow well know style blogs, you know that there is often an “it” shoe, blouse, or handbag that bloggers latch on to and show off. It’s almost like a status symbol or a signal to project how stylish they are. There are a pair of Rockstar Valentino shoes nearly every style blogger and instagrammer photographs.

  3. I always roll my eyes when I see them. They are too familiar now. They are splashed over so many Instagram accounts that they no longer have the same allure or even look stylish anymore. It’s the case of everyone has it so now I certainly don’t want it.

  4. That’s the problem with blogs and social media. Some products are so overly exposed that they have lost their once shiny luster. Who wants to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on something that has been photographed over and over? Not me.

  5. One of the designer handbags on my radar is from a line called PLIA Designs. They specialize in handcrafted carryalls + leather goods for women. The handbag is from their Reid collection. They now have two Reid collections; the original large size and a new smaller or medium size.

  6. (I do believe they are coming out with an even smaller one. So the current “small” will later become the middle or medium size.) One of the first things I noticed about the Reid style from PLIA Designs was the shape and silhouette. It is so original. I have never seen a bag that looked like this before. When I saw it online, I knew I had to have it.

  7. Several style bloggers have profiled the Reid satchel. Yet it’s not overexposed. I knew that when I ordered this handbag, it hasn’t been splashed over all platforms of social media. Liberty Lndon Girl and Annabelle Fleur have each profiled and written about this designer handbag.

  8. I adore both of these editors and style bloggers. I also trust their opinions. ( Although I will say, not all, but many bloggers now only profile products in exchange for payment.) Seeing the photographs of this handbag, I knew I had to have it. It looked like a large handbag, so I couldn’t wait to hunt it down on PLIA’s website.

  9. The Reid satchel is featured prominently on PLIA Designs’ website at: On their website it says this bag is the ‘game changer.’ Game changer indeed! There are no designer handbags on the market like this satchel. I quickly hit ‘order’ on the Fox Street satchel.

  10. The small black and white check was perfect for my wardrobe. And I just LOVED the pop of blue with the zipper fabric and leather pull. Perfection! When it arrived, I couldn’t be happier. The interior is just as luxurious as the exterior. The interior is custom made of mauve/silver quilted fabric.

  11. A handbag this large needs a solid interior. There is an interior iPad pocket and pockets for my iPhone and Blackberry. It also fits my 15 inch laptop!! I’ve also discovered it makes the most perfect small weekender bag. I hope you love this satchel as much as I do. I’m serious when I say this…it will never leave my side!

  12. For details information please visit