kidney disease symptoms and causes the loss n.
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Kidney disease- Symptoms and Causes PowerPoint Presentation
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Kidney disease- Symptoms and Causes

Kidney disease- Symptoms and Causes

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Kidney disease- Symptoms and Causes

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  1. Kidney disease- Symptoms and Causes The loss of proper functioning of the kidney in the human body can lead to various kidney diseases. The main function of the kidney is to maintain the fluid balance of the body. It filters the fluid entering the human body and the waste is excreted in the form of urine. Any disorder in the kidney may lead to an imbalance in the secretion of toxins from the body which causes the accumulation of waste and toxins inside the body. When the performance of the kidneys goes from bad to worse, it leads to chronic kidney diseases. This impairs the functioning and working capability of the kidneys significantly. Causes: Prevention is better than cure. Prolonged kidney disease means surviving with the help of kidney transplant, or dialysis. Kidney disease may be caused by n number of factors. The following are some examples: • High blood pressure can lead to kidney diseases and vice versa. • Inflammation in the filtering units of the kidneys. • Enlarged prostate and kidney stones that obstruct the urinary tract. • Vesicoureteral - when the urine is pushed back to the kidneys • Constant smoking. • Diabetes. • Obesity. • Family history and old age. • Cardiovascular diseases. Symptoms: When the performance of the kidneys goes from bad to worse, it leads to chronic kidney diseases. This impairs the functioning and working capability of the kidneys, significantly. Here are a few symptoms of kidney diseases: • Shortness of breath. • Constant swelling in the hands and feet. • Bad breath with ammonia like smell. • Nausea, vomiting and a loss of appetite. • Foamy excretion of urine. • Difficulty in urinating. • Weakness in the body leading to dizziness. • Muscle cramps. • High blood pressure.

  2. Problems in the sleeping cycle. • Kidney Disease Treatment Hospital in Goa The Manipal Hospital, situated in Goa, provides one of the best treatments when it comes to kidney disorders and diseases. When it comes to treatment and care pertaining to patients of kidney diseases, renal science plays an important role and the Manipal Hospital specializes in that. It boasts some of the most renowned nephrologists and urologists the country has seen. The amazing health care and the latest technologies, equipped with all the required amenities and infrastructure makes the Hospital one of the best in the country. The Manipal Hospital is the host to the largest dialysis center in the county. More than 3000 dialysis are performed annually upon patients from across the globe. The department also caters to numerous urology services. Here are a few procedures and services which are conducted by the Department of Renal Science in Manipal Hospital, Goa. • Dialysis • Kidney biopsy • Prostate surgery • Urological cancer management • Hematology • Nephrology services • Plasmapheresis • Pediatric urology Conclusion The Manipal Hospital treats problems pertaining to the kidneys for both adults and children. The booking and arrangement of appointments are very convenient for patients to make. The hospital is incredibly helpful and responsive to all emergencies and problems, immediately. The quality of the performance of the hospital, coupled with the great amount of expertise in every subject, makes it one of the best kidney disease treatment hospitals in Goa.