a comprehensive guide to natural stone tiles n.
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Natural Stones

Natural Stones

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Natural Stones

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  2. Types of Natural Stones Granite is one of the most durable Natural stone. It is long-lasting, Low-maintenance, Heat-resistance and, stain-resistance. Granite Marble is a natural stone that creates wonderful and outstanding floor and wall surfaces. It comes in wide colors and textures & it is a durable and adorable stone. Marble Travertine tiles are the most demanded natural stone tile. It adds remarkably Alluring style to any area of your home. It is beautiful, durable & economical tile. Travertine

  3. Limestone is a natural & solid rock that is widely used for furnishing of floor and walls at home. It creates a naturally beautiful, enticing environment for any area of your home. Limestone sandstone tiles has its earthy layered appearance and are one of the most recognized natural stone surface materials. Sandstone tiles are durable and come in a variety of tones and textures. Sandstone Slate tiles are one of the most durable natural stone floor tiles. It is a amazing, durable & very hard building material, which is also used for roofing and creating shades & shelters. Slate

  4. Onyx  is one of the most popular precious gemstone materials. Onyx has naturally beautiful translucence and line of contrasting colors running throughout which defines the unique color characteristics of the stone. Onyx Quartzite is a rock-solid natural stone. Quartzite represents a very durable, strong, and naturally beautiful surfacing. This is what makes it a popular flooring and wall surfacing option. Quartzite Mesh Pebble Natural Stone Tiles for floors and walls. These strong, mesh-backing tiles are quite easy to install, and are perfect for outdoor areas, specially wet and watery surroundings. Meshed Pebbles

  5. Colors and patterns in Granite Bianco Catalina Granite Peach Purse Granite Sapphire Blue Granite Bain Brook Brown Granite Giallo Fantasia Granite Tan Brown Granite

  6. Black Granite Blue Pearl Granite Butterfly Green Verde Granite New Imperial Red Granite Baltic Brown Granite New Venetian Gold Granite

  7. Uba Tuba Granite Emerald Pearl Granite Bianco Romano Granite Amber Yellow Granite Santa Cecilia Granite Dakota Mahogany Granite

  8. Giallo Veneziano Granite Volga Blue Granite Labrador Antico Granite Maroon Cohiba Granite Costa Esmeralda Granite

  9. Colors and patterns in Marble Crema Cappuccino Marble Gray Cloud Marble Saint Laurent Marble Greecian White Marble Crema Marfil Marble Victorian Marble

  10. Carrara White Marble Golden Cream Marble Wooden Yellow Marble Oriental White Marble Wooden White Marble Athens Gray Marble

  11. Calacutta Marble Sinai Pearl Marble Calacatta Gold Marble Vango Beige Marble Zebra White Marble Paradise Beige Marble

  12. Temple Grey Marble New Diana Reale Marble Emperador Cafe Marble Emperador Light Marble Laurent Brown Marble Marmara White Marble

  13. China Black With Vein Marble Statuary Capri Marble Sofya Cream Marble Arabescato Carrara Marble Rain Forest Marble Cherry Blossom Marble

  14. Dark Green Marble Sahara Gold Marble Inca Gold Marble Tundra Gray Marble Persian Green Marble Rainforest Brown Marble

  15. Grey Oak Marble White Oak Marble Michael Angelo Marble Arabescato Statuary Marble Emperador Dark Marble Rosa Verona Marble

  16. Botticino Fiorito Marble Bianco Venatino Marble Diano Reale Marble Breccia Oniciata Marble Giallo Reale Marble Statuary Venato Marble

  17. Rosso Levanto Marble Super Thassos Glass Marble

  18. Colors and patterns in Travertine Tuscany Beige Travertine Tuscany Ivory Travertine Tuscany Classic Travertine Tuscany Storm Travertine Tuscany Walnut Travertine Caramel Travertine

  19. Silver Vein Cut Travertine Durango Cream Travertine Durango Antique Travertine Cascade Beige Travertine Tuscany Alabastrino Travertine Inca Blend Travertine

  20. Machu Picchu Vein Cut Travertine Roman Vein Cut Travertine Tuscany Platinum Travertine Philadelphia Antico Travertine Tuscany Gold Travertine Tuscany Scabas Travertine

  21. Tuscany Hazelnut Travertine Silver Travertine Tuscany Imperium Travertine Picasso Travertine

  22. Colors and patterns in Limestone Luxor Gold Limestone Galala Limestone Lagos Blue Limestone Lymra Limestone Coastal Sand Limestone Ramon Gold Limestone

  23. Royal Bomaniere Limestone Sandy Pearl Limestone Sunny Light Limestone Gascogne Limestone Sea Grass Limestone Jerusalem Bone Limestone

  24. Halila Limestone

  25. Sandstone Rainbow Teak Sandstone

  26. Colors and patterns in Slates Multicolor Slate Golden Florence Slate Black Flamed Slate Madras Yellow Slate Multi Classic Slate Autumn Slate

  27. Rustic Gold Slate Premium Black Slate California Gold Slate Black Rust Slate Montauk Black Slate Virginia Spring Slate

  28. Aqua Rustic Slate China Multicolor Slate Lilac Kashmir Slate Montauk Blue Slate San Rio Rustic Slate Jade Green Slate

  29. Silver Blue Slate Basalt Blue Slate

  30. Colors and patterns in Onyx Pineapple Onyx Yellow Onyx Green Onyx Multi Red Onyx White Onyx

  31. Colors and patterns in Quartzite Golden Harvest Quartzite Ostrich Grey Quartzite Copper Quartzite Golden White Quartzite

  32. Sage Green Quartzite Ice White Quartzite Gold Green Quartzite Ocean Green Quartzite

  33. Colors and patterns in Meshed Pebbles Black Red Mix Pebbles Black Pebbles Silver Wheat Pebbles Travertine Blend Pebbles Oriental White Pebbles Yellow Pebbles

  34. White Oak Pebbles Mix Marble Pebbles Flat Charcoal Pebbles Coastal Sand Pebbles Alaska Gray Pebbles