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How to install Retractable Tonneau Cover

With every retractable tonneau cover you buy, there is a set of instructions to install it properly. However, there is no particular process followed to do it, but it is important to be aware about the general things while fitting it. Go through this presentation to know about the installation process of retractable tonneau covers.

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How to install Retractable Tonneau Cover

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  1. How to Install a Retractable Tonneau Cover

  2. Open the cover you have bought and read the manufacturer’s instructions. Though there are no extra tools required to install it, but it’s better if you cross check.

  3. Set the rolling cover’s canister in the middle of the truck bed. There may emerge a need to seal off the gap between the bed and cab before putting in the canister. It is very important to place the canister at the right place.

  4. Lay down the cover’s rail on the top of your bed rails and fix them with the canister. Also make sure that the retractable cover is in the right position.

  5. Slip the attaching clamps under the cover rail, until you are sure, it is in the proper locking position. Construct the clamps as instructed in the manufacturer’s layout. Finally, when you find it in position, bolt each clamp together.

  6. Check the size of the rail span if it is at the front of the bed and rear of the tailgate. In case the measurements are not equal, place a shim behind the clamp to maintain proper distance. Once done with this, tighten the bolts.

  7. You can add the water canisters, tubes, pull straps or any electrical equipments.

  8. In the end, test everything and make the required adjustments. If the system works properly, you are all set.

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