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Call us-9779361208 Aqua fresh Chandigarh PowerPoint Presentation
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Call us-9779361208 Aqua fresh Chandigarh

Call us-9779361208 Aqua fresh Chandigarh

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Call us-9779361208 Aqua fresh Chandigarh

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  1.   AQUAFRESH RO CHANDIGARH      Introduction   ​​Best water purifiers like​​​​Aquafresh RO Chandigarh​​,​​​​Kent RO Chandigarh​​, Livepure​​,​​​​Pureit​​, best dales for water purifier for your home and other places, choose Purifier Kart with branded water purifier RO at Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali, Zirakpur and around Purifier kart is one of the most popular company in water purifier sales at Chandigarh. Offering different and unique brands of water purifiers at different locations like​​​​Aqua fresh water purifier Chandigarh​​,    

  2.     Panchkula, Zirakpur, Mohali,​​​​Kent water purifier Chandigarh​​, Panchkula, Zirakpur, Mohali,​​​​Livpure water purifier Chandigarh​​, Panchkula, Zirakpur, Mohali and​​​​Pureit water purifier Chandigarh​​, Panchkula, Zirakpur, Mohali. Purifier Kart is providing you online sales facility for RO and water purifier sales. Purifier Kart gives you the best deal at affordable rates and good quality products. ABOUT US  We provide servicing and repairs of all brands and models of water purifiers and RO systems. We have expert technicians that can ensure you get pure drinking water at all times. Whether you are facing a problem with your purifier or just want it serviced, you can contact us. Our technicians are trained and experienced in the servicing and repairs of following brands. We use genuine company spare parts, you may check our discounted spare parts list here and have network for service all across Chandigarh tricity, including Panchkula, Mohali and Zirakpur. Call us today to book service @ 977-936-1208​​. OUR SERVICES AREA  We provide door step service in Chandigarh tricity including Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali and Zirakpur. We have team of highly trained and qualified technicians who service all major water purifier brands including Aquaguard, Kent, Livpure, Aquafresh etc. We also provide installation and re-installation of new or used water purifiers. You may call ask for any query @ 977-936-1208. ,    2 

  3.  SCO - 10, Block A, High Street, VIP Road,  Zirakpur (PB) 140603                       097793-61208                   ​​        3