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ACLS A dvanced C ustomer L ife S upport PowerPoint Presentation
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ACLS A dvanced C ustomer L ife S upport

ACLS A dvanced C ustomer L ife S upport

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ACLS A dvanced C ustomer L ife S upport

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  1. ACLSAdvanced Customer Life Support

  2. Everybody is a Customer Good Experience – They Tell 5 people Bad Experience – 15 People EVEN IN A NO CHOICE ENVIRONMENT Why do I have to know this stuff?

  3. SEE ONE …… … DO ONE … …… TEACH ONE!

  4. Basic Adult Learning “Tell me and I forget, Show me and I remember, Involve me and I understand.” "Chinese proverb"

  5. Ground Rules • Our essential mission and number one priority is to deliver the best possible service to our customers • Always be nice--treat everyone with respect, kindness, patience, and consideration • Consider how you and what you are doing looks to others • Treat folks as you would want to be treated - Alan Brunacini

  6. What was your First Job?

  7. Who’s a Customer? • Patient INTERNAL • Employee • Manager EXTERNAL • Nurse • Mechanic • Coworker

  8. The First 7 Seconds 7 - WHAT you say - The WAY you say it - What they SEE Body Language Appearance Action

  9. What Are the Rules?

  10. Moments of Truth When you enter someone’s house – mind the cot! When you answer the phone – If you call a stations does it instill confidence? When shifts change – Are you respectful of your co-workers?

  11. Everybody Makes Mistakes

  12. The Best in the Group? • FedEx • The Ritz-Carlton • Lands End • Nordstrom Department Store • Phoenix Fire Department

  13. Federal Express (FedEx) • Attention to Detail – Everything Counts • Early Use of Technology • Quick, Courteous Phone Techniques

  14. The Ritz-Carlton

  15. The Ritz Way • Be an Ambassador • Record Guest Preferences • You discover a problem you own it - $$ • All levels serve the guests

  16. Phoenix Fire Department

  17. MISSION The Phoenix Fire Department is committed to providing superior levels of quality service that exceed the public's expectations for timely and effective delivery of fire prevention, fire control, emergency medical treatment, transportation and public education.

  18. Quality will be evaluated on how well we maintain excellence in customer satisfaction, meeting the needs of our people, achieving organization goals, and creating a service culture that continuously reinforces and promotes excellence in all line and support functions.

  19. … We have become the "Agency of Last Resort" for the poor, the homeless, the destitute, the mentally, emotionally and physically challenged, the chronically ill, the indigent, the incarcerated, and the immigrant. Interpersonal awareness and sensitivity is our responsibility. Indifference or lack of empathy is a professional weakness. The public does not need one of our members to be having a "bad day" when they call us for help... they're already having one of their own.

  20. Phoenix Fire Department • Will change your tire if you are broken down • Will drive your car to the Hospital • Will make take care of pets • Encourages problem solving in the street – not mother may I

  21. MANAGEMENT AND SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILTIES Performance standards must be in place to inspire exceptional performance rather than to accept standard performance. The supervisor sets the standards of consistent excellence/service by example.

  22. I don’t know I don’t care I can’t be bothered I don’t like you I know it all You don’t know anything We don’t like your kind 8. Don’t come back 9. I’m right and your wrong 10. Hurry up and wait The 10 Deadly Sins

  23. What do you do? • Listen (Allow ventilation…within reason) • Make the Customer feel understood • Make the Customer feel liked • Make the Customer feel appreciated and respected • Document the complaint

  24. Rule #1 The Customers Always RIGHTRule #2 If the Customer is ever wrong, reread Rule #1

  25. Questions?