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Scratch in Math and Science Classrooms

Scratch in Math and Science Classrooms. Panel: Behrouz Aghevli (drsuper) Fernando Frederico (ffred) Teresa Marques (teresamar) Karen Randall (room209) With a nod to other members of the Super School Team: Nikos Dapontes (dapontes) Nevit Dilmen (nevit )

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Scratch in Math and Science Classrooms

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  1. Scratch in Math and Science Classrooms Panel: Behrouz Aghevli (drsuper) Fernando Frederico (ffred) Teresa Marques (teresamar) Karen Randall (room209) With a nod to other members of the Super School Team: Nikos Dapontes (dapontes) Nevit Dilmen (nevit ) Jean-Pierre Ferrigno (jpmath)

  2. How does Scratch help with the teaching and learning math and science? How can we encourage use of Scratch in math and science classrooms? Gallery of examples for this session: http://scratch.mit.edu/galleries/view/91818

  3. Behrouz Aghevli, Great Falls VA, USA (Persian) Systems design and development, World Bank Professor, inventor, author and math manipulatives designer “My hope is that a series of Scratch activities can be put together to help students learn basic math and science in K-8 while playing and remixing these activities.”

  4. Behrouz Aghevli, Great Falls VA, USA (Persian) • Taught Statistics at the UICC & College of Stat. & Informatics Iran • Invented and patented 4 Mathematics Manipulatives • Published 11 books in the field of Math education since 1990 • Afiliate Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Education at GMU from 1996 to 2003. • Founded in 2001 the Metamedia Mathematics Program (a Scratch like tool for creating Math activities on the Web) jointly with Schools of Education & Computational Statistics Visiting Professor at the School of Information Technology & Engineering at GMU • Pioneer in the development of Virtual Manipulatives • Created over 40 projects (games, puzzles and activities) in Scratch and founder of the Super School Team for creating Math and Science activities for the classroom.

  5. DrSuper’s Classroom-Ready Galleries of Activities, Games and Puzzles Strategy Game Numbers for Remixing in All Languages Relating Multiplication to Addition Mental Multiplication Game with Array Model Of Multiplication Multiplication with Decimals Tutor Working with Coordinate System and Lines Introduction to Artificial Life Strategy Game

  6. Issues in using Scratch in math and science classrooms • Several thousand math and science related projects—activities, games, puzzles— are in several dozen galleries in Scratch. (example: http://scratch.mit.edu/galleries/view/134) • How can we make these classroom-ready and help the teachers find and use them? • Sites like University of Utah NLVM and NCTM’s Illuminations have many math related activities. However, these are much more controlled and rigid environments. • Scratch projects can add a new dimension of allowing the students to open the activity and see how it was done and to remix them.

  7. Karen Randall, St. Paul MN, USA • Elementary teacher interested in integrating Scratch with subject area instruction • Class in pre-algebra with 6th graders at Expo Elementary School

  8. Standard math text introduction of concept

  9. Concept introduction using Scratch projects http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/room209/672035 DrSuper http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/DrSuper/676759

  10. Concept application using Scratch challenges http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/room209/321638 http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/ExpoSchool/867742

  11. Fernando Frederico, Setúbal, Portugal • Computer-assisted cartographer for the Portuguese army, retired • Volunteer in elementary schools “Scratch is like a blackboard the teacher can use, with the great advantage that the pupils are very attentive on everything that is going on with it. I think some of my projects could be useful to help in class; but my goal is to show students what they can do with Scratch.”

  12. Teresa Marques, Setúbal, Portugal • Teacher, Escola Basica 2,3 de Azeitao • “Scratch is... kinda... LOGO with multimedia steroids and super powers, and much easier access. • When working out the curriculum, I prefer to spend all the time possible trying to get students to be constructors rather than only consumers.”

  13. Concept sharing using student-created Scratch games and tutorials http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/fAlipa/339322 http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/telle/103360

  14. Experimenting and exploring science concepts using Scratch simulations Dapontes http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/dapontes/763277 Ffred http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/ffred/267191

  15. First Challenge: For Scratch activities to be used in the classroom the teacher must become a Scratcher! Do you agree or disagree? Second Challenge: For Scratch math and science projects to be classroom ready teacher and developers have to work closely together. Third Challenge: We need a good search facility to find Scratch projects relating to a given math or science topic.

  16. Invitation “The Super School Team would like to invite all interested teachers and developers to work together to come up with a large number of classroom ready activities and games and a convenient classifying method.” Behrouz Aghevli (drsuper) baghevli2@worldbank.org Fernando Frederico (ffred) Teresa Marques (teresamar) Nikos Dapontes (dapontes) Nevit Dilmen (nevit ) Jean-Pierre Ferrigno (jpmath) Math Group Contacts Karen.randall@spps.org (room209)

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