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Welcome to Travel Training

Welcome to Travel Training

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Welcome to Travel Training

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  1. Welcome to Travel Training Travel Services and AFISM

  2. Class Objective: To provide users with information to help their department comply with Tech travel policies as well as to accurately complete travel documents online.

  3. Travel Services Web Links • Online Travel System • - • Travel Services Website • - • State Contract Info: • - • In/Out of state meal & Lodging rates -

  4. Vendor Codes • Vendor Code Required • Search Vendor Tab • Create Vendor Code • Vendor Payment Website • • To provide vendor info • To provide check info

  5. Account Codes • 7BO In-state Travel • 7B1 Out of state Travel • 7B2 Foreign Travel • 7B4 Apartment House Rental • 7B5 Prospective Employee • 7B6 Student Group Travel • 7B7 Participant Travel • 7N0 Registration Fees • 7N4 Food and Entertainment

  6. Travel Application • Submit prior to trip • Recommend at least 2 weeks prior to trip • International travel submit at least 50 days prior to departure • Request travel advances and TR’s • Submit prior to submitting voucher. May be entered on the same day. • All International travel by state employees on state business requires OIA approval, even if personal funds are being used.

  7. Travel Advances • Issued for airfare, lodging and meals for employees with no credit card. Released 2 days before travel date. May request approval to be released earlier if necessary • Conference brochure required for advances for conference rate • Issued for prepaid expenses with credit card statement not transaction summary • Not issued to non-employees, undergraduate students or employees with outstanding advances. • Must be picked up in Travel Services. I.D. required.

  8. Transportation Requests (TR)Business Travel Accounts (BTA) • To purchase airfare for employees without a credit card or for guests • Must use SWABIZ or local travel agent • SWABIZ required for cities: Austin/Corpus Christi/Dallas/El Paso/Houston/San Antonio/Albuquerque, NM/Los Angeles, CA/New Orleans, LA/Oklahoma City, OK/Tulsa, OK/Phoenix, AZ/St. Louis, MO. • Requested with application • Not processed until application is approved

  9. Airfare • Fares may not exceed state contract rates • Request a BTA/TR for travelers without a credit card or for guests • May use SWABIZ or Travel Agent for booking • May use Internet booking tools on local funds • Advances are issued for prepaid airfare with credit card statement

  10. Meals • May claim per diem or actual with detailed meal receipts. • Detailed meal receipts required for student group travel. • Federal Per Diem Rates are used for instate rate. If city not listed use the standard rate $85 and $36. • Federal rates are used for out of State • Meals for one day travel are not reimbursable.

  11. Meals • Meal limit breakdowns based on 20%-30%-50% rule for 3 meals: BRK LUN DIN • $36.00 day = $7 / $11 / $18 • $44.00 day = $9 / $13 / $22 • $54.00 day = $11/ $16/ $27 • $64.00 day = $13 / $19/ $32

  12. Lodging In-State and Out-of-state Lodging rates are listed on the Federal Per diem website. • Overage is not reimbursed on state funds • Requests for Overage Exceptions • To Travel Department if using local funds • To SPAR if using grant funds • Provide signed exception form with brochure • Guest Lodging procedure is available for guests.

  13. Car Rentals • Contract rental agencies and rates may be found at state contract link • Be sure traveler is charged the state rate. (Use agency code shown on link and state agency code 733.) • Important Tips: • Insurance is included with a contract rental • There are NO TAX EXEMPTIONS on rental cars

  14. Conferences • Early registration fees for conferences may be paid on a P-card or a PO or state travel card. • Can request advance if traveler prepaid using travel or personal credit card by providing statement. • Contact Travel Services if you have a problem paying with J.P. Morgan Chase credit card.

  15. Automobile Travel “Four-Per-Car” Rule • Two to four state employees traveling to the same conference may not travel in separate vehicles • Only one person may claim mileage; mileage includes wear & tear and gas • If an employee wants to travel alone : • Explain reason in writing and request prior written approval from department • Submit approval with voucher

  16. Group Travel • Advances are issued for 90% of request to a sponsor even if they have a travel credit card. • Application is submitted in sponsor’s name • List travelers’ names and SSNs on application and voucher • Itemized Meal receipts are required or students may sign a form showing they received the per diem

  17. International Travel • All international travel by state employees on state business requires OIA approval, even if personal funds are being used! • International travel may not be reimbursed on state accounts. • Meal and Lodging Reimbursements • Actual expenses for meals and lodging with itemized meal and lodging receipts • May claim meal per diem by using the International website at

  18. International Travel • Requests for travel will not be approved to a nation that is, at the time the request is received, subject to a Travel Advisory issued by the U.S. State Department. • Check website for current travel advisory: • • Supplemental insurance policy, “Travel Accident Emergency Evacuation Insurance” • OP 79.05 Attachment A

  19. Canada, Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. Possessions • Are not considered International Travel for account codes • May claim Meal Per Diem or actual expenses with itemized receipts on local funds. Itemized meal receipts required on state funds. • Canada and Mexico are not reimbursable on state funds • Prior approval is required by OIA Office for Canada and Mexico

  20. Direct Deposit • Direct Deposit for travel payments is separate from Payroll. -Convenience for employee ‘s Travel advances and reimbursement’s. -Direct Deposit form is available on online travel system. *click on help>links>TTU-Travel Forms • Please send form to Sandra Kiser M.S.1107

  21. J.P. Morgan Chase Card • An employee is eligible to apply for a J.P. Morgan Chase credit if they travel more than three times or have over $500 travel expenses in a year. • Employee is personally responsible for payment of the statement. • An employee may access their account information online at: • • First time users please contact our office to activate User ID and password

  22. 6 Steps to accuratelycomplete travel application 1. Make sure funds are available. 2. Plan Ahead! 3. Consult TTU OPs and Travel Web site and links.

  23. 6 Steps to accurately complete travel application 4. Make sure the following is available • Traveler’s (correct) R# • Contact name and phone # of preparer • Valid FOAP and Account Codes • International OIA Approval • Explanations must be in detail, with no acronyms or abbreviations. • Explanations must include Purpose, Benefit & Purpose to TTU

  24. Need More Help? • Call 742-4517 or visit Travel Services at Room 332 Drane Hall, Fax 742-4244 • Email Lydia Mecalco, Travel Services Supervisor: or • Shirley Dobbins, Sr. Business Assistant: