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How To Winterize Your Swimming Pool

Here are some points you should kept in mind at the time of closing your swimming pool.

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How To Winterize Your Swimming Pool

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  2. Introduction: • When winter is approaching, you need to think about the closing of your pool. Winterizing pool helps you to avoid unnecessary problems and costly repairs. So, when cool breezes start and leaves are changing color, it means to contact pool management people. • Professionals suggest to implement the following methods for winterizing your pool:

  3. First you need to remove leaves, insects and dirt to make clean your pool. Apart from pool, clean the skimmer, pump basket and eliminate dirt from the tiles by using good quality cleaning products.

  4. Pool management and lifeguard companies have a knowledge on how to adjust the pH level of water. Maintaining the accurate level of alkalinity, calcium (hardness) and chlorination makes your pool water healthy. So, it is important to consult professionals for smooth functioning of pool.

  5. A pool closing kit is a convenient way to ensure that you have everything you need to keep your pool healthy during the off season. It is important to balance water chemistry of your pool before starting the closing process. It allows you to protect it from corrosion.

  6. A good kit will help prevent pool algae that can sometimes form during fluctuating winter temperatures. It will also prevent cloudy water in the spring and possibly the need to perform a pool shock.

  7. If you run aquatic center in cooler climate area, you need to take care of pool pipes so water does not freeze in the pipes. For this, you need to monitor regularly to make sure your pool equipment runs smoothly. Usually, the life span of a pump is 2 to 5 years. If this life cycle is over, get it replaced immediately. You can take help of swiiming pool companies if any issue is there.

  8. Replace your detachable ladders, diving boards and other structures, as due to extreme weather condition, they can get damaged. Installing standard pool covers to protect pool. Use only such pool covers which can withstand extreme weather condition as they can handle the weight of snow and ice and also protect people and animals from falling through it, into the water.

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