successful startup business ideas of an on demand n.
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Successful Startup Business Ideas Of An On-Demand App 2020 PowerPoint Presentation
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Successful Startup Business Ideas Of An On-Demand App 2020

Successful Startup Business Ideas Of An On-Demand App 2020

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Successful Startup Business Ideas Of An On-Demand App 2020

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  1. Successful Startup Business Ideas Of An On-Demand App 2020

  2. You want to get the fruits of your startup • There are founders who come up with startups just because they wish to invest their time and money somewhere. And then there are startups that come up through an entrepreneur, who envisions a successful company few years down the lane. • The later comes up with a startup with the dream of being successful and by creating an on-demand startup, you are walking on the path of success where you will definitely get the fruits of your startup. To be able to do so, do a proper market research before plunging into the market.

  3. You are focusing on the pain point of the market • The number 1 rule that every startup founder shall focus on is – identify the target audience, identify their pain areas and then introduce your startup, as a solution to the market. Just by doing so, the customers will love you and your startup with automatically become the best on demand startup. • To do this you will have to get into the market, test the waters yourself and then come up with a solution that will be readily available to customers. Uber is the best example for such a great on demand startup – people were looking for easy commuting services and Uber provided that perfect solution.

  4. providing instant services to the customers • To be considered as a successful on-demand startup, you need to make sure that the services are instant. You cannot come up with a startup that provides services after 24 hours or 48 hours. Today, people are looking forward to instant services and money has become secondary criteria, because today people want things quick with high quality. • So, if you focus on building your startup around these areas, you are halfway there to create a great on demand startup. Design your services in such a way that people are aware of the progress and hence, are satisfied that their service is on the way.

  5. Bridging the gap between demand and availability • There are thousands of problems existing in the market. Your job, as an entrepreneur is to identify which problem is genuine and is going to remain a long-lasting problem unless a permanent solution comes up for it. • The best example for this would be the startup app called UrbanClap, which provides instant on the go services for house services like carpentry, plumbing, a/c service etc.

  6. You are providing services just a click away • Creating a startup is one thing and taking it up the success of ladder is another thing. You will not get success overnight and will not be able to make your startup famous by just sitting in your office. You will have to run errands, and make sure people know about your firm. All this will be successful only if you offer a genuine solution to the market. • Again, before coming up with a solution – you will have to check if such a solution already exists in the market. If you are duplicating the solution, then even though the solution is unique, people may not accept it. So, do a 360 degree market research before launching a startup..

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