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Green Ivy Publishing Reviews - Fact or Rumor? PowerPoint Presentation
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Green Ivy Publishing Reviews - Fact or Rumor?

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Green Ivy Publishing Reviews - Fact or Rumor?
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Green Ivy Publishing Reviews - Fact or Rumor?

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  1. Green Ivy Publishing Reviews - Fact or Rumor? Today, one out of every ten people has a potential to write a book. They have a story, skills to write, potential to be a writer, but are not sure about publishing the book. There have been myths about the publishing industry such as publishing company can charge you plenty of money or they won't provide you your share of sales. But, that's not True! Green Ivy Publishing is exception to these myths. They provide author reliable publishing services including writing, editing, designing, illustration, production, promotion, copyright and many others. Although, you can see the several negative Green ivy books reviews floating over the Internet, still you can trust them as your publishing partner. Here are some facts about Green Ivy Publishing review that you should know before setting an image of Green Ivy Publishing in your mind: Team of Professional They have a team of professionals including publishing staff (helps to convert your raw work into ready to publish material), designing professionals (to design cover image and illustration), printing experts (page designing and formatting), marketing and promotion (promoting a book on over 39,000 online book stores, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.). They also provide legal services like copyright and ISBN. Association with Popular as well as Arising Authors They have an association with many authors, including both new and the popular one. Many authors have registered with Green ivy books reviews, which show trust and popularity of Green Ivy Books in authors. You can check the list of registered authors in their Featured Authors section. Publish All Styles of Books There are many publishing firms who deal with any specific domain, but Green ivy publishing reviews deal with almost every style of book, including novellas, short stories, novels, poetry collections and very special children’s books. Updated with New Technology In this digital era, people prefer reading books on mobile or tablet. The Green Ivy Publishing has adapted this transformation. They can also publish an eBook version of your book along with the traditional paper book. Writing Guide for Startup Writers They offer guidelines for writing an interactive and impressive writing. If you are newbie to the field of writing and looking for proper guidance to achieve success in this field, then Green Ivy is

  2. the best place. They have a team of professionals who are always eager to help you. They also conduct several author workshops where they provide all required tools and resources to turn any manuscript into a published book. No Agent - Reduce Cost Their comprehensive publishing process allows them to directly contact and work with their authors. If you want to publish and promote your book, you don’t need an agent, you can directly contact them and discuss about their benefits and cost.