an elegant embellishment for your living room n.
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An Elegant Embellishment for Your Living Room PowerPoint Presentation
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An Elegant Embellishment for Your Living Room

An Elegant Embellishment for Your Living Room

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An Elegant Embellishment for Your Living Room

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  1. An Elegant Embellishment for Your Living Room

  2. As a chandelier is to the ceiling, a fireplace is to the ground. A fireplace is not only to beautify and accessorize a living room, but it plays a major role to soothe and comfort the ambience of your living room. The market showcases a vast variety of fireplaces: Gas burning fireplace, Wood burning fireplace, Electric fireplace, Ethanol burning fireplace. These fireplaces have furthermore many accessories like a fireplace surround, a mantel, the hearth etc. If you have in your mind, an idea to buy a fascinating fireplace, here is some information that must help you refine your selection for a fine fireplace.

  3. Installation, Management, Precautions to be taken for a fireplace. Installing a fireplace should not task the owners much, as there are plenty of professionals available for the job. But what must be taken care of is the selection of appropriate fireplace accessories, like: a fireplace surround, also known as the fireplace face, which acts as a frame to the fireplace, so to add beauty to the living room this accessory should be chosen carefully. There are various materials used fora fireplace surroundlike- steel, concrete, brick, tiles, rock, Carrara marble fireplace surround. A mantel plays an important role as it is the upper decorative part of the fireplace that prevents heat from fuming out of the fireplace. Selection of a fireplace is equally important too. Many options like the steel fireplace, wood fireplace, trendy and heat resistant fireplace options like- tile fireplace, travertine fireplace, rock fireplace and many more are available in the market.

  4. Fireplace maintenance. A fireplace requires timely maintenance, efficient cleaning and a watchful eye to avoid any mishap. For proper maintenance and functioning of a fireplace certain equipment are of pivotal importance, like- A bellow - To blow air to ignite fire. Fireplace screens -To prevent sparks and embers from coming out of the fireplace. A brush - To clean the fireplace surround and the mantel. A pair of tongs - To dispose the waste of fireplace. Short brooms - To clean the ashes and embers in the fireplace.

  5. Precautions to be taken for a fireplace. People are accustomed to throng the fireplace surround with a myriad of show pieces, especially at the time of occasions and festivals. One has to be careful about the selection of these items- that they are not flammable or fragile. Also, infants and kids should be kept away from the fireplace. In such cases a Carrara marble fireplace surround or rock fireplace surround is a safer option as these materials, which are made of porous heat resistant rock, remain cool even during the ignition process. The selection of wood to burn in a fireplace is also a task of detail. This is not only to maintain the fireplace but balance the living room atmosphere. Oakwood, maple wood, birch wood are examples of hard wood to keep the fireplace burning for long, whereas pine and fir wood are good softwoods to begin the ignition process. Rock, concrete or travertine fireplace and a black heavy iron mantel are a safer option to maintain the fireplace temperature.

  6. To conclude, all the needs of a fireplace can be easily met at Artisan Kraft. Artisan Kraft provides a wide variety of products for fireplace and accessories. The diverse collection at Artisan crafts showcases all- Rock, Concrete, Tile, Travertine fireplaces. Fireplace surround options like - Wood, steel, Carrara marble fireplace surroundsare readily available. All the associated equipment, are also in store for the customers. So, Artisan Kraft can be a one stop shop for all your fireplace needs.

  7. Artisan Kraft Address:- 521 West Golf Road Arlington Heights Illinois,60005 8886520106