natural stone cast stone fittings to adorn your n.
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Natural Stone & Cast Stone Fittings to Adorn your Home PowerPoint Presentation
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Natural Stone & Cast Stone Fittings to Adorn your Home

Natural Stone & Cast Stone Fittings to Adorn your Home

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Natural Stone & Cast Stone Fittings to Adorn your Home

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  1. Natural Stone & Cast Stone Fittings to Adorn your Home Natural Stone & Cast Stone Fittings to Adorn your Home Stone and faux-stone or cast stone home fittings make some of the most elegant additions to the interior décor. Even with a contemporary setting, you can infuse a classic and regal touch to the living space by installing stone fabrications. Starting from fireplaces to kitchen hoods and bathroom fittings like stone tubs stone tubs, you can jazz up your home with an eclectic assortment of stylish home fittings, made from natural stone and cast stone. Not sure where to start? Here are a few things that can add instant finesse to your living space. Fireplace Mantels & Surrounds Fireplace Mantels & Surrounds

  2. A fireplace mantel is a hood, constructed over the fire grate to contain the smoke. A fireplace surround, on the other hand, is the complete assembly of the legs, mantel, etc. that gives structure to the hearth. In modern households, mantels are frequently used to display showpieces or picture frames and likewise. Instead of going for something mundane, you can enhance the aesthetics of the room by installing a limestone mantelpiece or create a classy and elegant ambiance of the living room with a white or black marble fireplace surround black marble fireplace surround.. If you are a fan of contemporary designs then there are lots in the cast-stone section, typically made from precast ma precast mantels ntels. Bath Tubs Bath Tubs Bathtubs are made from metal, ceramic, and stone. However, nothing looks more regal than a beautiful marble stone tub. It not only elevates the look and feel of the bathroom but considering that marble is non-reactive to bath salts, unlike copper; it is the best material for bathtubs. With marble stone tubs stone tubs at home, you can enjoy those leisurely and relaxing bubble baths any time. Decorative Columns Decorative Columns You can give your home the look of royalty by installing marble columns, especially on the front porch. This addition will make your house stand a class apart from the others in the neighbourhood. Columns are available in both cast stone and natural stone. If not on a tight budget, you can look for marble columns for sale marble columns for sale, as those are quite exquisite to look at. Range Hoods Range Hoods

  3. Range hoods are a necessity for the kitchen to ventilate the smoke, as there are built-in mechanical fans inside the hoods that air out cooking space. While you can always go for the usual metal chimney hoods, the natural stone or cast cast stone range hoods stone range hoods are long-lasting and add sophistication to your kitchen space. There are various designs, styles, and patterns available in marble, limestone, or cast-stone for you to choose from. In case you are seeking a supplier for natural stone and cast stone home fittings then we have just the one for you. Artisan Kraft Fireplaces is the leading manufacturer and supplier of cast stone and marble fireplaces, cast stone fireplace surrounds cast stone fireplace surrounds kitchen hoods, bathtubs, and likewise catering to the varied needs of homeowners for years with a unique vision backed by an exquisite collection of decorative pieces at affordable prices.