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The Utility of a Modern Fireplace Mantel PowerPoint Presentation
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The Utility of a Modern Fireplace Mantel

The Utility of a Modern Fireplace Mantel

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The Utility of a Modern Fireplace Mantel

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  1. The Utility of a Modern Fireplace Mantel The Utility of a Modern Fireplace Mantel The anatomy of a fireplace reveals the firebox, chimney crane, grate, mantelpiece, surround, and other essential parts that come together to give your indoors a warm and comfy feel. Speaking of fireplace parts; the mantelpiece present at the opening of the fireplace, mounted over the hearth, has its very own utility. A cast stone or marble fireplace mantel marble fireplace mantel has a multitude of benefits for your home, which we are going to highlight in this blog. What is a Fireplace Mantel? What is a Fireplace Mantel? A fireplace mantel frames the opening of the fireplace while covering parts of the breast of the chimney. Mantels were developed in the medieval ages to create a hood of the fireplace, which would direct the smoke upwards to the throat of the chimney, preventing it from entering and polluting the room. Today, mantels come in various forms, such as marble fireplace mantels, , faux stone fireplace faux stone fireplace mantels mantels, and even ones made from wood. These are acknowledged for enhancing the decor and the utility aspects. For instance, hanging framed family portraits over the mantle or using the mantel shelf to display decorative pieces or picture frames, is a common practice. What are the Benefits of Fireplace Mantels? What are the Benefits of Fireplace Mantels? A modern marble fireplace surround modern marble fireplace surround is incomplete without an ornate mantelpiece. It combines functionality and aesthetics augmenting the look and feel of the living room. To elaborate further, here are a few benefits of fireplace mantels: •As we have already mentioned, a fireplace without a mantel can look somewhat bare and incomplete. A custom natural stone or cast stone mantel shelf cast stone mantel shelf completes the

  2. décor, giving you more space above the fireplace to display some of your favorite decorative pieces or just a series of family pictures. It goes exceptionally well in a family living room, making it feel cozier. •The mantel serves the purpose of preventing the smoke from entering the room, keeping the indoor air clean and breathable. •When you install a mantel it will also protect the wall surrounding the fireplace, since it frames the opening of the fireplace. •Being both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, installing a fireplace mantel significantly increases the market value of your property, in case you want to lease it or sell it in the future. There are a few things to keep in mind when buying a mantel for the fireplace, especially if you are getting it separately. •The projection of the mantel should be at par with the fireplace opening. •The measurement of the firebox should be accurate when placing the order for the mantel. •The color and texture of the mantel should complement the fireplace material and design, not to mention the overall room décor. Are you looking for a classy Italian marble mantelpiece or a fireplace mantel custom fireplace mantel custom- designed for you? Artisan Kraft Artisan Kraft Fireplaces Fireplaces has an exclusive collection of stone and cast stone mantels to complement your fireplace. They are also one of the leading manufacturers, fabricators, and suppliers of premium quality home fittings, including natural stone and cast cast stone fireplaces stone fireplaces, range hoods, columns, bathtubs, etc., making them available at a reasonable price range.

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