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Handmade bracelets for women

Handmade bracelets for women

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Handmade bracelets for women

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  2. A lifetime of beauty, art and a whole lot of love! That’s what handmade bracelets stand for. They guarantee that you have a fun time making them and all this makes them even more worth your time and effort. Click through for a few simple ways to make your very own handmade bracelets at home.

  3. Candy Heart Bracelet Start by stringing 6" colored glass chips onto a piece of stretchable cord. When you are done passing half the glass chips, pass the heart candy through the cord and then begin with the rest of the chips. Now attach a lobster clasp setting to the ends of the cords. End the DIY with a drop of super glue on the big heart in the middle and sprinkle some glitter on it if you like.

  4. Sweetheart Bracelet This is for every lady who adores hearts. Grab a thick 8” to 10” of stretchable cord or a length that suits your wrist. You can get heart shaped beads from your local crafts store. Now pick out random sizes and colors of the beads and start stringing them as you want. Although make sure to keep the biggest and glossiest heart bead at the center. Now, bring the ends of the cord together and form an overhand knot and you’re done.

  5. Mystic Dangler Bracelet This can be easily made with again an elastic cord that can stretch around your wrist. Grab a thick and soft cord that fits around well and start stringing blue-green and violet danglers. These you can always find at your local crafts store. When you feel that the string has had enough of shimmery shiny tings, just tie a tight knot holding both the ends and you are done.

  6. Clay Knot Bracelet Pick out thick polymer clay of your favorite color and start kneading it into a shape of a tube. Make sure it can cover your wrist well over an inch or so and tie a loose knot in the middle. Now, pick a jar or glass bottle with a diameter close to that of your wrist and place the kneaded clay around it like you would wear it yourself. Turn on the oven and adjust the temperature as given on your clay's instructions. Now, put the jar with the bracelet in the oven the moment it is ready and bake it according to clay's instructions. Remove the jar once you hear the beep and let the bracelet cool. Once cool, you can use some glitter or acrylic colors or spray paint if you want to give it a different look.

  7. Twisted Knots and Beads Bracelets Take several (5) stretchable cords of the same length and preferably different colors. String one with small translucent beads, the second with big, smooth shell beads, the third with danglers of your choice, make 6 knots in the fourth one and place one stone in the middle of every pair of knots and you can dip the 5th one in the glue and then coat with glitter if you want. Hold all of them together and slightly twist them until they are close enough but not entangled in one another and then tie the random ends together. Now without messing up the bracelet, take a shiny colored string and tie it around all the cords at one end keeping them in place. Repeat the process on the other end and you have your unique twisted knits and beads bracelet.

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