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Online Music Sites PowerPoint Presentation
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Online Music Sites

Online Music Sites

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Online Music Sites

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  1. Log In Embed Sign Up Browse    Has the World’s Focus Entirely Shifted Online? by rrajeshrdy 2 months ago 6 Views Have you ever wondered what was the world like before, computers and cell phones took over the entire living schedule of a metropolitan being? With so much to see and so much to read like posts and blogs, need to stay connected with friends and family and more, the internet has taken over us. When was the last time you sat quietly with yourself without a phone or laptop around? Is it been very long?Studies show that using and keeping our devices close to us all day and nightlong is dangerous for our body. The harmful rays from these devices disrupt the normal working of a human body. There is a rage to know about a trend before others do, to update and follow others and make friends online and increase ones friend list. ​����{7 Save web pages as PDF manually or automatically with PDFmyURL

  2. Let us take a minute out and think about people who do not have all the freedom and facilities like us, those who struggle to earn even two meals a day or live in a country where internet is banned. We realize that out world and focus has completely deviated from humanity and shifted to the world online. Online music sites and networking sites leave no time for our youth to study or explore the geographical diversity around the world. They are happy liking pictures online, they might download hd desktop backgrounds with sceneries but to look at the world without internet is completely impossible for us now. To erase internet would mean erasing an essential part of the lives lived as we have a tendency to now record all our activities online. The urgency to inform all our friends and family about our social life has increased manifolds. If one was to scroll over pictures on phone we realize how huge the craze to record has been.To say that the entire world’s focus has shifted would still be wrong as there is a major part of this world where these facilities are still not available easily, these people treat it as a treasured possession and are yet to fall victims to addictiveness of the online social world. Internet is still treated as source of information and communication. The developed and developing parts of the world have inculcated the habit of using excessive connectivity options and replaced the usual lifestyle. If the focus of the world did shift online,the disastrous outcome can be anticipated by the users. Save web pages as PDF manually or automatically with PDFmyURL

  3. Source: - … \ Like Share   Related stories Social Media: Disruptive in Social Media: Friend or Foe? Your Life in More Ways than You May Realize Report Abuse Storify 2 About Blog Jobs Tools API Terms Privacy © 2017 Storify Save web pages as PDF manually or automatically with PDFmyURL