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Casino and Gaming Online Retargeting Introduction

Casino and Gaming Online Retargeting Introduction

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Casino and Gaming Online Retargeting Introduction

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  1. An Introduction to Online Retargeting For Gaming and Casino Resorts. Thank you for downloading this presentation. This presentation has animated elements and slides, so it requires you to “click” to the next slide or animation scene. Also, you may want to enlarge this to FULL SCREEN by clicking the button located on the lower right corner of the viewing screen. Happy reading and call with your questions. If you want a copy of this presentation, email me at the address below. Steven Bogue Recrue Media 401-484-2400 sbogue@recruemedia.com

  2. An Introduction to Online Retargeting For Gaming and Casino Resorts. Presented to: The Gaming Industry August 26, 2010

  3. The Most Effective MarketingTool You Have Your Website

  4. What is SiteRetargeting? Put Simply it’s…..

  5. How Site Retargeting Works.

  6. How Site Retargeting Works. Retargeting Requires a Well Thought-Out Plan: Since retargeting is like a decision tree, it requires advanced planning to help define an individual’s future intention, motivation and action. From there, you design the communication strategy.

  7. Benefits for Your Casino’s? • Retargeting represents a basic, strategic opportunity to efficiently remain in contact with • those individuals expressing specific interests in your casino. • Retargeting does NOT require the casino web site to post any advertising, links, or reformat • any page / content. • Maximize communication effectiveness with relevant messaging based on visitor behavior. • Superior branding potential via. your own customized network of prospect selected sites. • Directly engage prospective Rewards Programs, Hotel and Entertainment prospects within • minutes of visiting the website. • Provides local, regional and even national reach capability for expanded outreach efforts.

  8. Retargeting is simple to implement….. ……and totally unobtrusive to your operations. • Retargeting does NOT require your website to post any advertising, links, or solicitation. • Retargeting only requires the insertion of an invisible piece of code (pixel) on specific pages of your web site…a process that takes one or two minutes. • The retargeting strategy is totally invisible to the public and does not impact the technical performance of your website. • Your casino ads are displayed on other websites who welcome your advertising because it is relevant to their visitors…who are also your patrons. • Present employees, administration and your on-line community will not be impacted by your retargeting strategies….it is completely unobtrusive, behind-the-scenes, and relevant to your website visitors interests.

  9. You’re in the Best of Company…

  10. About Recrue Media, L.L.C.. is the result of merging the best multi-media and marketing consultation services of the Mathews Marketing Group and the Landon Media Group. Both are privately held marketing and advertising businesses leveraging their online marketing applications and expertise to support the higher education consulting services of Carnegie Communications and Alloy Education. Recrue Media specializes in providing performance-based marketing applications with on-line advertising capabilities via. a partnership with Yahoo’s Right Media Exchange, Google’s DoubleClickand Open X’s Market Exchange capable of reaching a world-wide audience of over 450,000,000. Additionally, Recrue’s charter has evolved to address the demands of the rapidly changing recruitment industry needs both in the employment and higher education sectors. HR executives of major corporations and admissions directors of this country’s 3,000+ colleges and universities, utilize our research and targeted digital ad delivery capabilities across one of the nation’s most comprehensive online marketplace platforms. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California with satellite offices in Dallas, Philadelphia and Providence Rhode Island, one of Recrue Media’s regional management is located close to your city and is available at virtually any time to meet with you. Visit our website atwww.recruemedia.com or contact us at one of our primary regional locations listed below. Contact…Steven Bogue at 401-484-2400 or sbogue@recruemedia.com Visit us at www.recruemedia.com or www.carnegiecomm.com

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