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Best Dental Clinic in Delhi

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Best Dental Clinic in Delhi

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  1. Are dental implants expensive? Absolutely not!! Are dental implants expensive? Absolutely not!! A dental implant may cost no more than other treatments to restore a tooth. In most cases, dental implants may even cost less than other tooth replacement options considering the longevity of the procedure. An implant can easily last up to 15-20 years with proper care when compared to a life of 10-12 years for bridges and dentures. A bridge also entails significant maintenance costs. Unlike many other tooth replacement options, dental implants are highly customized and if someone quotes a price without seeing you, please be wary of such dentists. Dental implants are customized to look, feel and act like your natural teeth. An experienced implant dentist is aware that no two patients or their dental implant treatments are alike, so the number of appointments, procedures and costs will vary accordingly. There are numerous implant qualities available in the market – instead of going in for the cheapest ones, you should ask the right questions from an implant dentist. For example, does the price include bone augmentation, soft tissue treatment, extraction if needed, the abutment, the crown, and a provisional, immediate load? Ask where the crown is manufactured, what the size of the implant is, etc. Also, you should enquire with the dentist about how many teeth is the patient missing, are the missing teeth located next to each other and what is the health of their jawbone. All these factors affect the total dental implant costs. But the most important of it all is to choose your dentist who you can trust!! A good dentist will always ensure that the treatment you are getting is not just complete but is truly customized for your mouth and oral health needs. An experienced dentist will ask you a lot of questions. You should be patient and answer them – this will enable the dentist to carry out the implant treatment safely and successfully at the lowest possible cost. Besides the cost effectiveness of dental implants, there are several reasons people choose dental implants over the other tooth replacement options 1. Convenient and long lasting: Dental implants are durable (may even last a lifetime) and can be easily flossed and brushed just like your natural teeth. In comparison, dentures are cumbersome as they are difficult to clean and are required to be removed every night. Also, dentures may need to be replaced more frequently as they become ill-fitted over time due to changes in your facial structure as you age and lose bone in your jaw. 2. Maintains health of your mouth: Dental implants are embedded directly into the jawbone,

  2. providing the body with the right stimulation it expects to minimize the risk of jawbone depletion. In contrast, dentures and other non-implant tooth replacement options feel less natural and you may begin to lose bone in your jaw, leading to long term changes in your jawline and looks. Dentures can also trap food particles, leading to gum disease and bad breath. 3. Implants give you the most natural-looking smile: This is because they are inserted by dental implant experts in a way that fits your unique mouth structure. As a result, they look more like your own teeth than other replacement options. Read articles like this here : Best Dental Clinic in Delhi

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