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Famous Ohioans

Famous Ohioans. Resource Unit Jamie Bergfeld, Adam Puthoff, Katrina Snyder. Table of Contents. Introduction Concepts Objectives Activities Day 1 through Day 10 Evaluation Instructional Resources Teacher Resources Student Resources Audio/Visual Resources. Introduction.

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Famous Ohioans

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  1. Famous Ohioans Resource Unit Jamie Bergfeld, Adam Puthoff, Katrina Snyder

  2. Table of Contents • Introduction • Concepts • Objectives • Activities • Day 1 through Day 10 • Evaluation • Instructional Resources • Teacher Resources • Student Resources • Audio/Visual Resources

  3. Introduction Ohio has been the birth place of some of histories greatest minds, athletes, and celebrities. In correlation with Ohio’s Fourth Grade Social Studies Academic Content Standards, this unit will focus on famous Ohioans from the beginning to the present. This unit will stretch the duration of ten days. During this unit students will be studying both within and outside of the classroom. Teaching methods will involve group, individual, and whole class instruction.

  4. Contributions Perseverance Astronauts Inventions Inventors Olympics Famous Ohioan Paul L. Dunbar Jesse Owens Adolf Hitler President William Henry Harrison Ulysses Grant Rutherford B. Hayes James A. Garfield Benjamin Harrison William McKinley Warren G. Harding William Howard Taft Neil Armstrong John Glenn Tecumseh Blue Jacket Little Turtle Fallen Timbers Wright Brothers Charles Kettering Garrett Morgan Granville Woods Thomas Edison Annie Oakley Erma Bombeck Mary Ann Ball Bickerdyke Frances Dana Gage Aviation Accomplishments Concepts

  5. Objectives • Students will be able to: • Create a list of famous Ohioans • Construct a Famous Ohioan Book (FOB) • Identify and describe famous Ohioan astronauts. • Construct a timeline of important invents dealing with Native Americans in Ohio. • Identify the difficulties and accomplishments of famous Native Americans in Ohio history. • Lead mini-lessons on famous Ohioan inventors. • Identify and describe famous Ohioan Native Americans. • Identify and describe famous Ohioan Inventors. • Identify and describe famous Ohioan Presidents.

  6. Objectives cont… • Identify and describe famous Ohioan Women. • Identify and describe famous Ohioan African Americans. • Identify and describe famous Ohioan athletes, actors, and artists. • Have hands on exploration of Carillon Park. • Create a data chart of the Ohioan presidents. • Explain why Ohio is the mother of U.S. presidents • Find information using computers, handouts, and other resources. • Write a poem relating to the hardships African Americans had to face. • Identify current famous Ohioans.

  7. Day 1 Opening • Introduction: • Students will be introduced to the unit. They will be asked a series of questions about what they currently know about any famous Ohioans. Create a list of famous Ohioans at this time. • Outcome: • Students will be introduced to the unit and begin to grasp a broader knowledge of Famous Ohioans. • Students will begin to construct their Famous Ohioan Book (FOB). • Development: • Teacher will deliver a pre-assessment in the form of a class discussion on what they know about Famous Ohioans. After the discussion the students will participate in the Who I’m I Game. The students will be given either a name or description of a famous Ohioan. Students then will be given time to find their match.

  8. Day 2 Astronauts • Introduction: • Students will be introduced to the important contributions made by Ohio astronauts. • Outcome: • Students will be familiarize themselves with famous astronauts from Ohio. • Development: • Teacher will open with a movie clip of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. • Students will pick three astronauts from the list and descriptions provided on an overhead. They will then explain why they were important to history in their FOB.

  9. Day 3 Native Americans • Introduction: • Students will focus on Tecumseh, Blue Jacket, and Little Turtle and each of their contributions and struggles. • Outcome: • Students will learn of the difficulties and accomplishments of famous Native Americans in Ohio history. • Development: • As a class using a SmartBoard to play the Ohio Indians Interactive game on www.oplin.org to familiarize students with Ohio Natives. • Students will use online resources to construct a timeline of important events that Famous Ohio Native Americans were involved in. They will then copy the timeline into their FOB.

  10. Day 4 Inventors • Introduction: • Through the form of student-led mini lesson, students will become familiarized with one inventor and then share theirs with the class. • Outcome: • Students will learn about the contributions of famous Ohioan inventors. • Development: • The teacher will break the students into five groups. After assigning each group to an inventor students will then become that inventor and after researching groups will demonstrate the invention to the class. • The follow inventors will be covered in the groups due to the standards: • Wright Brothers • Charles Kettering • Garrett Morgan • Granville Woods • Thomas Edison

  11. Day 5 Inventors cont… • Introduction: • Students will have hands on exploration of Carillon Park to further their understanding of Ohio and it’s inventors. • Outcome: • Students will learn about the contributions of famous Ohioan inventors. • Development: • During the Field Trip students will focus on the Wright Brothers (1905 Wright Flyer III & Bicycle Shop) and Charles Kettering (NCR) while taking a glimpse at Dayton history. This tour, Inventions Dimensions, will take 60 minutes. • INVENTIONS DIMENSIONS • What does it take to become an inventor? How do inventors develop ideas for new products? Daytonians Charles Kettering, Edward Deeds, and the Wright brothers discovered the answers to these questions. This program introduces the history and process of invention through collaborative creative thinking and hands-on activities. Students will create their own inventions following development from brainstorming to prototype design. (http://www.carillonpark.org/fieldtrippage.html) • After the field trip students will write a journal entry in the FOB about their experience with Ohio inventors and Carillon Park.

  12. Day 6 Presidents • Introduction: • Outcome: • Students will gain knowledge about why Ohio is considered the mother of Presidents. • Development: • The teacher will ask “Out of the 43 presidents that the United States has had, how many came from Ohio?” Students will then help the teacher name each of the eight presidents. • In their FOB, students will make the data chart to the left using their Ohio Presidents handout and/or textbook. • On a Desk Map students will locate the birthplaces of all Ohio presidents.

  13. Day 7 Women • Introduction: • Through research and gaming students will learn a brief overview of famous women from Ohio. • Outcome: • Students will realize the accomplishments that women from Ohio made in several areas. • Development: • Students will receive a handout from the teacher with a list of women that they should research. Students will copy information into their FOB for a game. Examples from list: Annie Oakley, Erma Bombeck, Mary Ann Ball Bickerdyke, Frances Dana Gage • Students will use the information in their FOB to play a jeopardy style game about Ohio women

  14. Day 8 African Americans • Introduction: • Through short stories and poetry students will learn about the perseverance of famous Ohio African Americans. • Outcome: • The accomplishments and talents of Ohio’s famous African Americans will become more evident to students. • Development: • Teacher will read a poem by Paul L. Dunbar and discuss the live of Paul L. Dunbar. • Students will read a short story about Jesse Owens and the 1936 Olympics. • Students will then have a discussion about perseverance and how these famous Ohioans overcame their obstacles. In their FOB students will write a poem about their feelings of perseverance.

  15. Day 9 Other Famous Ohioans • Introduction: • This is a chance for student to learn about other famous people that have come out of Ohio. This includes actors, athletes, authors, and artists. • Outcome: • Students will learn about other famous Ohioans and how they contributed to their field of work. • Development: • Teacher will break the students into partners. Students will be an expert on a famous Ohioan not already covered. The information will be provided by the teacher. Students will then share their information in a jigsaw manner. • Students will write a letter to a famous Ohioan to put in their FOB. • Students will then watch clips of recent famous Ohioans. These could include: Doris Day, Jack Nicklaus, Pete Rose, Michael Douglas, Charlie Sheen, Katie Holmes, Allison Janney, Rob Lowe, etc.

  16. Day 10 Evaluation • Evaluation: • Students will be assessed in two forms. • The Famous Ohioan Book (FOB), will be turned in and graded for completeness and creativity. • A unit assessment test will be given over the unit’s material. (see next slide) • Students will finish the unit by playing the game Ohio JINGO which is a Ohio version on Bingo.

  17. Evaluation: Unit Test Multiple Choice: 1. Who was the first astronaut to walk on the moon? a. James Lovell b. John Glenn c. Neil Armstrong d. Jesse Owens 2. Which Native American was NOT a major influence on the Battle of Fallen Timbers? a. Pontiac b. Tecumseh c. Little Turtle d. Blue Jacket 3. Who invented the light bulb? a. Orville Wright b. Thomas Edison c. Erma Bombeck d. Mr. Puthoff 4. Which president is from Marion, OH? a. Garfield b. Taft c. Harding d. Harrison 5. Who would not recognize Jesse Owens in the 1936 Olympics? a. Hitler b. President Taft c. Paul Dunbar d. Annie Oakley

  18. Evaluation: Unit Test True or False: 1. Erma Bombeck was a painter from Toledo, OH. True False why?___________ 2. Ohio is the mother of presidents because every president’s mom is from Ohio. True False why?___________

  19. Evaluation: Unit Test Short Essay: 1. Explain why Ohio is called the birthplace of aviation. Give three reasons why. 2. Explain the accomplishments of The Wright Brothers, Charles Kettering or Thomas Edison.

  20. Teacher Resources • http://www.ohiohistory.org/ • This website contains multiple links, ideas, and information, for teachers to use when focusing on Ohio and it’s people. • http://www.ohiohistoryteachers.org/ • The site provides lessons, field trips, and other activities pertaining to famous Ohioans. • http://www.middletownlibrary.org/htm/Biblios/Famous%20Ohioans.pdf • This PDF list a multitude of famous Ohioans broken down into many subgroups do to their field of fame. This will be the handout the teacher will supply the students on the first day of the unit. • http://www.solonschools.org/portal/FIS/websites/display_website.asp?KPlesec • This site gives a list of famous Ohioan projects that kids could complete and present. It gives many links to other Ohio information, for example the Ohio Historical Road Trips.

  21. Student Resources • http://www.oplin.org/famousohioans/ • This site provides interactive games, and a plethora of information concerning Astronauts, Inventors, Native Americans, Presidents, and Women from Ohio. • http://ohiokids.org/ • This site has many links for interactive games, homework help, and online exhibits directly dealing with Ohio History and it’s people. • http://ohiobio.org/armstrong.htm • This site consists of a list of fast facts dealing with famous Ohioans. Students can click on any name and are given a quick biography of that person. • http://www.classbrain.com/artstate/publish/article_549.shtml • Great site for web-quest because it has links to famous presidents, women, inventors, and writers/poets. Provides a lot of information that will be useful for students. • http://www.discoverohio.com/kids/homework.asp • Site contains information about “Mother of Presidents” and gives information on each Ohioan president. It also contains information on each group we talk about in our unit. • http://www.city-data.com/states/Ohio-Famous-ohioans.html • Gives good information about Ohio presidents, inventors, entertainers, writers, and astronauts. Would be a good resource for students during the unit.

  22. Student Resources • http://www.lkwdpl.org/schools/elempath/famousohio/ • Gives list of biographies of multiple famous Ohioans in various fields. • http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Ridge/3774/ohiowomen.html • The site’s main focus is on Ohio Women. It consists of famous women and their contributions. • http://www.gcpl.lib.oh.us/historical_facts.asp • Fun historical facts dealing with Ohio Native Americans, presidents, and “Did You Know” facts about Ohio History and it’s people. Also contains links to books and other resources dealing with famous Ohioans. • http://www.50states.com/bio/ohio.htm • This site provides the birthplace/hometown of famous Ohioans. This will help the students put into perspective how close these famous Ohioans were to their hometown.

  23. Audio/Visual Resources • Dunbar House Field Trip (Dayton, OH) • This is the home of Paul L. Dunbar. It is full of interesting facts and information about his life. Students will walk through the home and see exactly where Dunbar lived and died. • Annie Oakley Center at Garst Museum (Greenville, OH) • Students will take a trip with Annie Oakley. The museum is an exhibition of her life and history. Students will be surprised to discover the true famous American Women, Annie Oakley. • Video of Neil Armstrong Walking on the Moon • This video is from www.historychannel.com and is a sort glimpse (5 min.) of the ground breaking walk on the moon. • Armstrong Air & Space Museum (Wapakoneta, OH) • Students will see F5D Sky Lancer, the Gemini VIII spacecraft, Apollo 11 artifacts and a moon rock. There will also be an Astro-theater, multimedia presentation. • The Piqua Historical Area State Memorial (Piqua, OH) • This beautiful frontier will give students a hands on look at prehistoric Indian sites. Students will see that even their own backyard is rich with history that formed many famous Ohioans. • The Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center (Fremont, OH) • This exhibit shows in detail the home and changes in the home of famous Ohioan president Rutherford B. Hayes. Students will be able to examine blueprints of the home, artifacts, and personal sketches from President Hayes. • NOVA: Wright Brothers Flying Machine Video • This video is a reenactment of the struggles the Wright Brothers went through while creating a flying machine. The video will show the process the Wright brothers took that made them famous Ohioans. • Tecumseh: The Last Warrior Video • This is a biography of Tecumseh’s life. It discusses in detail his efforts to unite the Native Americans to keep their land and freedoms. The video will portray reasons for why Tecumseh is a famous Ohioan Native American. • Ulysses S. Grant - Warrior President DVD • Much of the documentary focuses on Grant's Presidency. Due to the length of the DVD there will only be excerpts used to briefly show Grants presidency to the class. • Biography: Thomas A. Edison - Father of Invention DVD • Thomas Edison’s contributions to American society was enormous. This famous Ohioan became the father of invention. In this documentary students will see a true depiction of his life and contributions.

  24. Audio/Visual Resources • The Jesse Owens Story DVD • This DVD takes you through the life of Jesse Owens. It shows viewers the struggles and discrimination he endured in his life. Students will receive a clear description of the type of man Jesse Owens was. • American Experience - Annie Oakley Video • This PBS home video describes the adventurous tail of Annie Oakley. It shows viewers how she thrilled audiences in her wild shooting feats in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. This famous Ohioan woman became an American legend. This video also shows the true dramatic experience of her life. • The History Channel Presents The Presidents DVD • This DVD provides a glimpse of all U.S. presidents. For purposes of this unit only excerpts from the Ohioan presidents will be shown. • Optimum for Ohio History CD Software • Optimum for Ohio History is an interactive overview of the history of Ohio. The content is aligned with the Ohio Department of Education Standards for Fourth Grade Social Studies, which include Ohio History. • ITSCO's Ohio Bicentennial CD-ROM • This software takes students through six eras of Ohio History. Throughout the software many famous Ohioans will be recognized. • Ohio in the Civil War Through Primary Sources compact disk • This compact disk gives students a chance to witness actual documents (letters, music, diary entries) from famous Ohioans during the Civil War. • Grant: In His Own Words compact disk • This CD is full of interactive activities. One of the activities deals with an audio interview with Grant himself. This interactive multimedia will be useful in explaining why president Grant is a famous Ohioan. • A Visit to President Warren G. Harding's Home compact disk • This interactive guide book leads students through the home of Warren G. Harding. It also includes different audio speeches from president Harding including his Inaugural Address. • Thomas Edison on the development of electricity Audio Clip from The History Channel • This audio clip is a short biography of Thomas Edison’s influence on electricity. • Kitty Hawk: The Wright Brothers' Journey of Invention DVD • This DVD documents the riveting account of hardship, perseverance, and amazing triumph of Orville and Wilbur Wright. Students will follow the brothers through their impressive and historic journey of discovery that became the first successful flight.

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