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Seasonal changes PowerPoint Presentation
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Seasonal changes

Seasonal changes

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Seasonal changes

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  1. Seasonal changes

  2. The 1st period Ask and answer How many months are there in a year? 7.July 8.August 9.September 10.October 11.November 12.December • 1.January • 2.February • 3.March • 4.April • 5.May • 6.June

  3. Ask and answer What are the spring months in China? They’re March, April and May.

  4. What are the summer months in China? They’re June, July and August.

  5. What are the autumn months in China? They’re September, October and November.

  6. What are the winter months in China? They’re December. January and February.

  7. Which/what is your favorite season? Which/what season do you like best? winter autumn spring summer

  8. What do we usually wear in spring? We usually wear… School uniforms: blazers, shirts, trousers, ties, ribbons

  9. a pair of trousers two pairs of trousers three pairs of trousers

  10. What do we usually wear in summer? We usually wear… T-shirt with short sleeves shorts

  11. What do we usually wear in summer? We usually wear… T-shirt with long sleeves shirts, blouses, trousers, skirts, suits, short white socks ,

  12. Answer the questions 1.What do children in Rose Garden School wear in summer? They wear summer uniforms. 2.When must all students wear summer uniforms? They wear summer uniforms in September, early October, late April, May, June and July. 3.What must the boys wear? They must wear white shirts with short sleeves, grey shorts and short white socks.

  13. 4.What must the girls wear? They must wear white blouses with short sleeves, grey skirts and short white socks.

  14. Written work What must we wear in winter in Rose Garden School? (Write at least five sentences.) We must wear…

  15. The 2nd period Which/what is your favorite season? Which/what season do you like best? Why?

  16. What’s the weather like in spring/summer…? It’s… Match the following: Summer______ ______ _______ _______ Spring ______ ______ _______ _______ Autumn______ ______ _______ _______ Winter ______ ______ _______ _______ wet, rainy, windy, sunny, hot, warm, cool, cold, snowy, dry hot sunny wet warm rainy dry cool windy snowy cold windy

  17. Look and guess What season is it? The days are longer. The nights are shorter. It gets dark late. It’s summer. The nights are longer. The days are shorter. It gets dark early. It’s winter.

  18. Four seasons

  19. Written work I like …best. (Write at least 50 words) There are four seasons in a year. They are spring, summer, autumn and winter. I like spring best. Spring is the first season of the year and it’s the best. Trees turn green and flowers come out.The birds are singing and the butterflies are dancing. It’s beautiful. It’s warm and there is soft wind. So I can fly kites and have a picnic. I enjoy playing outside. I love spring.

  20. The 3rd period How many seasons are there in a year? Which/what is your favorite season? Why winter autumn spring summer

  21. Look at the pictures and guess what season it is. It's summer !

  22. What is the weather like in summer? The sun always shines. Not many children play football in the playground.

  23. The children are in the library. It’s cool because it’s air-conditioned.

  24. Soft drink Ice lollies Ice-cream Salad

  25. Answer the questions: 1.What is in the school garden? 2.Are there many students in the school playground? Why? 3.Why do they stay in the library? 4.What do more students like having for lunch in summer? There are more flowers, butterflies and bees. No, there aren’t. Because it is too hot. Because it is air-conditioned. There are salad, ice-cream, ice-lollies and soft drink.

  26. Group work Look at the pictures and work in groups. Talk about our school in summer. Each group chooses one of the topics. 1.Our playground 2.Our library 3.Our computer room