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Technology Update: 2001-02 PowerPoint Presentation
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Technology Update: 2001-02

Technology Update: 2001-02

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Technology Update: 2001-02

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  1. Technology Update: 2001-02 • Grant MangoldTechnology Editorwww.agriculture.comSuccessful Farming@gInnovator Online

  2. New tools for your farm, field & office • Recent news stories: • Ag Software Scene • recordkeeping & mapping • Precision Ag Tools • monitors and controllers and GPS units • Handhelds & Hardware • data collection and analysis tools • Internet Access tools and systems

  3. Active IQ acquires Red Wing and FMS/Harvest ag software • Active IQ Technologies now owns the makers of AgCHEK and Perception accounting software and dominates the ag market with more than 10,000 farm users, says Kenneth Brimmer, CEO of Active IQ. Plans may include “on-line computing” technology

  4. Free FarmAssist • Syngenta releases“FarmAssist“ 6.0 crop management software program to accompany new site. • The new free software helps farmers track the cost of chemical and fertilizer applications, weather observations, irrigation use, disease information, leaf and soil analysis, yield projections, etc

  5. unveils 32-bit CD • T. Murphy Associates announces new 32-bit edition "agMIS suite" of financial management information system MIS software tools. At $145agMIS manages cash, taxes, costs, farm business assets and equities. Also handles checkbook functions.

  6. TFIS links data with maps • TFISTotal Field Information System manages application records, use of equipment, inventory etc. From Keystone Ag LLC, TFIS software builds database to integrate with precision ag data / info. And it syncs with Delta Data / Trimble AGIS geographic information system for traceability and profit and loss mapping.

  7. EASi Suite offers upgrade from AgLink • MapShots offers AgLink users an upgrade to a full crop recordkeeping solution which converts and preserves their historical geographic data, says Ted Macy of MapShots. “EASi Suite uses XML and mapping tools for full documention thru open-architecture Field Operations Data Model (FODM), he says.

  8. MapShots updates TerraFetch • TerraFetchimage retrieval tool now offers automated download geo-referenced USGS aerial/topographic images by map coordinates, reports Ted Macy, president of MapShots. Updated copies of TerraFetch can be downloaded from website as shareware.

  9. MapCalcPro makes spatial analysis easy • Red Hen Systems says its MapCalcProfessional has easy to use sophisticated grid-based spatial analysis routines on site-specific data. • Supports GIS modeling and spatial analysis, integrates with MapInfo, and offers extensive data import/ export capabilities. Features include unlimited grid size, image data tools, 3D drapes.

  10. MediaMapper links images with GPS • MediaMapper 4.0 now integrates GPS Media-Link functionality, to let you import digital still photos & GPS log datain a simple wizard-driven process. It makes a “media map” for GIS packages and adds thumbnail browsing, HTML maps & easy raster background images

  11. Digital Cameras • Participants in the Talk groups on our websitelike Kodak Easy-Share digital cameras for a winning combination of quality price, optical and digital zoom, and optional accessories such as a docking base that keeps the batteries charged and makes downloading images easy.

  12. Farm HMS 2.0 yield maps • "We integrated the MapX mapping platform in new version 2.0 of FarmHMS, creating a yield mappingpackage that’s specific to precision agricultural applications," says Dr. Carol Snyder, Red Hen Systems. "Now users can get just the functionality they want without a full-blown GIS."

  13. Ag Leader releases version2.0 SMS Basic software • Ag Leader Spatial Management Software 2.0 SMS Basic mapping management software lists for $200 and offers enhanced spatial mapping and data management features. It lists for $600 says Corey Weddle, Manager Desktop Software Group

  14. CAT teams with Farm Works for yield mapping • Caterpillar and Farm Worksannounce alliance for a new generation of Cat Yield Toolsyield mapping and precision farming software specifically designed to work with Cat combines. Lexion combines from Cat are equipped with yield monitors that work with a wide range of GPS systems, he says.

  15. New Raven Viper • New Windows CE-based Viper will be released this spring at around $5,000. The CAN-based systemwill connect to controller nodes (on future systems)as well as existing controllers. Works with Raven products, and may interface with other controllers too.

  16. Intelliworx pen tablets update • "VoiceTablet"offers Pentium-based pen computing in a ruggedmagnesium case. A sunlight readable touch screen provides the pen interface and is supplemented with standard keyboard attachments and highly accurate voice recognition capability.

  17. Wearable computer • Xybernaut ships Mobile Assistant Vwearable computer with Intel Mobile Celeron 500 MHz processor and ATI RAGE MOBILITY-M1™ graphics chip. • The MA V is almost 40 percent smaller and lighter than earlier wearable models. Pricing starts at $3,995

  18. New clip-on GPS from Farm Works • New clip-on GPS receiver works with Compaq iPaq Pocket PC and Farm Site Mate, says Scott Nusbaum of Farm Works. $285 Quick-Loc GPS includes a CF compact flash card for data logging, and uses WAAS signals for 2-5 meter accuracy. Other similar units available.

  19. Micro-Trac TrakPak uses iPaq for data collection & display • With handheld Windows CE computer you don't have to hassle memory cards, says Micro-Trak. • Trak-Pak components include options for yield mapping, variable rate application, and as-applied mapping. Works w/any GPS.

  20. Outback 360 adds display • A high resolution screen on the new Outback 360 GPS Mapping Systemdisplays maps and field records, as well as a real-time picture of field position and function. Included FieldNotes PC software organizes field records. It lists for $2,990 and works with Outback S GPS Guidance System.

  21. Ag Leader teams up with Rawson, New Leader • Ag Leader PF3000 Pro now directly controls Accu-Rate& New Leader variable rate hydraulic drives, without a separate console, says Roger Zielke of Ag Leader. Planter or fertilizer rates can be set manually or via prescription. The system can also log data and perform lightbar guidance at the same time.

  22. FARMSCAN offers 3004 Smart Antenna • 3004 Smart Antenna provides low-cost high reliability positioning data suitable for yield monitors, soil sampling and variable rate equipment, says Ole Hansen of Farmscan. It offers 12 channel accuracy from 3-10 meters and 1 Hz update rate.

  23. Farmscan 5200 Farmlap Professional • Based on a rugged mobile field computer, the Farmlap system offers 5 hz GPS guidance and variable rate control. Integrate with most existing controller brands or connect Farmscan control PODs to directly run spreaders, sprayers and seeding machinery. From Australian company

  24. Raven acquires Starlink GPS technology... • New DATAboy data logging system stacks on top of most Raven consoles. Also includes WAAS GPS receiver, a PC card, and basic shapefile software. It's a $1,995 plug-n-play solution for someone wanting to get started with data logging for site-specific management.

  25. TeeJet announces GuideLine lightbar system • $3,990 GuideLinelightbar system has sub-meter WAAS accuracy for straight-line, curved and center-pivot swathing guidance patterns, says Rich Gould of TeeJet. • Companion SmartPad handheld unit has backlit screen for displaying maps and position data.

  26. New Trimble AgGPS EZ-Guide 110 • EZ-Guide provides high-accuracy GPS technology economical easy-to-use package, says Trimble. Components of the AgGPS EZ-Guide 110 parallel swathing guidance system include GPS smart antenna, receiver, lightbar, and remote keypad. Similar to Ag Leader EZ-Guide, list $3,750.

  27. CAT selects BEELINE for Auto-Guide technology • powered by NovAtel GPS hardware, the Auto-Guide option is integrated into the Intellitronics network using GPS technology to automatically steer the tractor. New MT700 tractor line was sold to AGCO

  28. Deere announces AutoTrac assisted steering • GreenStar AutoTracassisted steering system builds off Deere's Parallell Tracking technology & dual frequency differential GPS corrections. Unlike Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) AutoTrac has an unlimited coverage area not limited by line-of-sight -- since it uses the worldwide StarFire network.

  29. Satloc developing self-steer GPS system • Maurice Engler of Satloc says the new self-steer system will be priced comparably to the current entry-level GPS guidance systems, and aimed initially as a steering aid for spreaders and sprayers as well as tractors. • Trimble, Integrinautics are other players

  30. Soil Doctor on-the-go soil map synchronizes with yield data • Crop Technology, Inc. introduces on-the-go soil sensing with color mapping of soil properties--while harvesting. Soil Doctor technology allows intensive soil data and yield data to be synchronized “to an exact, common geo-referenced location, without data extrapolation,” says CTI.

  31. On-the-go grain quality • Australian farmers got Grain Quality Monitors fromCase IH, for first on-the-go monitoring of protein, oil, moisture and yield. Doug Rehor, of Case says Australia leads the world in commercial readiness for this product, since wheat is bought and sold on the basis of grain protein levels."

  32. Deere and AgInfoLink will track food chain • & collaborate in development of technologies for traceability systems in grains, livestock and other agricultural products. "Benefits include enhancements in process efficiency, supply management and food safety.” Tracking systems will promote product consistency and meet safety and quailty demands of producers and consumers.

  33. AgInfoLink tests PocketTracker system • The new PocketTracker System from AgInfoLink has been released for beta testing, and includes an iPaq handheld computer, data collection software, and a handheld RFID reader. It can transfer data from BeefLink software, scans animals, and automatically collect data at the scale. Part of patented system & Iowa Quality Beef web-based system

  34. Emerge Alliance Tracks ID • eMerge Interactive, Allflex, FarmExpress announce new global effort to create the industry standard in individual animal tracking solutions for the beef industry -- “to boost industry profitability, while helping players deliver consistent, verifiable products that consumers prefer."

  35. “in your palm” management • "Taking your 'live' data into the field with you is a revolutionary advancement in livestock management decision making," says Darrel Austin, of Herd-Pro Software, about new StocKeeper Companion for Palm handhelds. "You can look up or enter any information on any animal. You have complete, up-to-date data at your side at any time."

  36. Herd-Pro debuts PalmLink Enterprise software • New web-based livestock management system • The PalmLink system is based on StocKeeper Companion Palm OS software, and gives users an effective data management tool to work with DHIAs, consultants, veterinarians, and other industry players

  37. acquires PigCHAMP software • Ron Jessen, General Manager of PigCHAMP, says "there will be tremendous benefit to the producer, to improve entire information chain within the pork industry, and to develop new software products and services to help them manage their operations.” Look for online “knowledge system” applications

  38. XSAg survives • Leading exchange for agricultural inputs recently was named to Forbes’ “Best of the Web” list for second year in a row. XSAg provides buyers with access to more sellers and can save users from 10% to 20% or more on input costs. • Sellers expand customer base and better manage inventory efficiency. • As several other ag dot.coms disappear

  39. KVH powers mobile hi-speed Internet services • "High-speed Internet access via TracNet allows people on the road to access websites & critical information directly through the Internet," says KVH. TracNet consists of a server, DirecPC modem, cellular/satellite and return path antenna. Provides two-way high-speed access for laptop or PC.

  40. AgriStar teams with Hughes for high-speed ag services • "AgriStar will bridge the digital divide be-tween the country's leading farm operators and their primary trade partners with connection speeds of 10-20 times faster than the existing dial-up connections in most rural areas,” says Cliff Ganschow, chairman. • Several satellite or wireless options exist

  41. Hi-speed Internet • • Side-by-side article on wireless Internet“Deliver more information faster” • Direct Sequence Systems, Multipoint Multichannel Distribution Systems, Frequency Hopping, Satellite Systems •

  42. More @g Online resources • @g Computing,Precision @g, and 24 moreTALK groupswith experts--like you--online now!

  43. Technology Update: • Grant MangoldTechnology Editorwww.agriculture.comSuccessful Farming@gInnovator Online