the competency model and its potential impact on wcu n.
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The Competency Model and Its Potential Impact on WCU PowerPoint Presentation
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The Competency Model and Its Potential Impact on WCU

The Competency Model and Its Potential Impact on WCU

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The Competency Model and Its Potential Impact on WCU

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  1. The Competency Model and Its Potential Impact on WCU ATTRACTINGEMPLOYEES Job Descriptions Job Standards Recruitment Materials Behavior Based Interviewing TRANSITIONING EMPLOYEES Documentation/Sharing of Info & ResourcesModel Citizen/ WCU Advocate Clarification of Job Function & Expectations DEVELOPING and RETAININGEMPLOYEES Talent Management Eliminationof Institutional Memory Improved JobPerformance &Increased Morale Setting Job Standards andAccountability MeasuresMentoring and CoachingPerformance Development Plans

  2. More and more organizations today are taking a holistic approach to talent management attracting and selecting wisely retaining and developing solid performers and leaders helping employees transition out of the organization The WCU Competency Model is a common-thread to help ensure success at each stage. The WCU Competency Model and Its Impact on Talent Management

  3. Attracting qualified talent is the critical first step in the talent management cycle. The improving economy, Baby Boomer retirement and other factors are creating keener competition for talent these days, making this critical step tougher than ever. The Competency Model is a tool to assist hiring managers and supervisors: Conduct a job analysis prior to recruitment Design recruitment materials that attract talent Develop behavioral based interview questions that address desired competencies Attracting Talent

  4. Most organizations today would acknowledge that their human assets are their most important asset. Over 70% of the E&G budget is spent on employee salary and benefits. With five million Baby Boomers expected to retire in the next few years, the competition for talent is back on. Average age of a WCU employees is 49 75% are considered Baby Boomers/Traditionalists (1920-1964) Organizations that develop successful retention strategies can come out on top. The Competency Model is a tool to assist managers and supervisors: Align individual and organizational goals Hold all employees accountable for maintaining individual competencies as it relates to their jobs through job standards Engage the performance management process bydiagnosing gaps and strengths in performance and recommending appropriate “Investing” courses and/or coaching. Retaining Talent

  5. Employees cite career development as one of the top job satisfiers. Top performers want to be challenged and developed within their own jobs or create opportunities for other positions. If they’re not, they will become less productive, complacent or perhaps even leave. The Competency Model is a tool to assist managers and supervisors: Identify and grow potential WCU leaders through mentoring and recommending “Investing” courses (categorized by competency) Identify and grow underperformers by putting in place Performance Development Plans and recommending “Investing” courses (categorized by competency) Encourage and coach employees to share what they learned, how they will apply what they learned, and how others can benefit Developing Talent

  6. The average length of service of a WCU employee is 24 years. The quality of separated employees’ experience with the University affects how they, the remaining staff and community judge WCU. A positive experience pays off in a multitude of ways. If the investment has been made in WCU employees to achieve mastery learning of these competencies, separated employees are more than likely to: Document and share the institutional memory with others before taking it with them Stay on a little longer to assist in the new hire’s transition Continue to be a WCU advocate and attract other potential employees and students. Transitioning Talent

  7. What Impact Can You Have? • Operationalize the Talent Management and Competency Model and you will positively impact the future of WCU ATTRACTINGEMPLOYEES TRANSITIONING EMPLOYEES TALENT MANAGEMENT DEVELOPING & RETAININGEMPLOYEES