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Welcome to MAR 3023 Sections OR01; OV86; OV87; OV88;

Welcome to MAR 3023 Sections OR01; OV86; OV87; OV88; Dr. Carolyn Massiah BSBA in Marketing – University of New Mexico Dual MBA – Marketing and International Management – University of Colorado Ph.D. in Marketing – Arizona State University Area of specialization: Services Marketing

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Welcome to MAR 3023 Sections OR01; OV86; OV87; OV88;

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  1. Welcome to MAR 3023Sections OR01; OV86; OV87; OV88;

  2. Dr. Carolyn Massiah • BSBA in Marketing – University of New Mexico • Dual MBA – Marketing and International Management – University of Colorado • Ph.D. in Marketing – Arizona State University • Area of specialization: • Services Marketing • Consumer Behavior • Work Background • Military Background • Research: • Customer-Customer Interaction • Nested Identities

  3. Dr. Carolyn Massiah • Teaching • Principles • Services Marketing, • Strategy • Integrated Marketing Communications • Marketing Intelligence • Qualitative Research • Undergraduate, MBA, and Ph.D. levels

  4. What Will We Cover Today? • What is marketing? • Why is marketing important? • Structure of the Course

  5. What is Marketing? • Sam’s club to use Wi-Fi to Push TVs • Slide in Magazine Sales Decelerates • McDonalds sales up due to New Smoothies • Dell to sell Streak tablet for $300 • Netflix increases menu of movies that can be watched instantly over the internet • Wal-Mart using RFID in clothing

  6. 4 Ps of Marketing • Product – McDonald's New Smoothie • Price – Dell streak tablet • Distribution (place) – Netflix instant movies • Communications (promotion) – Sam’s Club Wi-fi Using the 4Ps to identify and satisfy the needs of the Consumers is Marketing. All decisions involved in keeping and creating Customers.

  7. About the course! 4 credit hours 3 hours of lectures (in-class component) 1 hour of online component each week

  8. General Info • Office: Orlando campus, BA2 308Q • Office hours: T/R: • 10:30 – 11:30 and 3:00 – 4:30 p.m. • Course web site: http://www.bus.ucf.edu/cmassiah/mar_3023.html • My presentation slides will also be available in the class web site at least 2 days before the class session. • Use course mail within Webcourses for E-mail purposes.

  9. Graduate Assistants 1)Rebeca Office: BA2 308F Phone: 407-823-1434 Wednesdays 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM 2) Kyungchool Office: BA2 308H Phone: 407-823-1331 Tuesdays 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM Thursdays 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

  10. So what is a “Lecture Capture” course? • Live lecture delivery at the Orlando main campus, TR 1:30 – 2:45 p.m. • Seats are first come first serve in the lecture hall. • These sessions are recorded and broadcast to four Lecture Capture sections: Main campus (0R01), South Lake (0V86), Ocala (0V87), and South Orlando (0V88).

  11. So what is a “Lecture Capture” course? • No set times / dates for the lecture capture students. • Lectures can be watched at www.bus.ucf.edu/video for the next two weeks. After the two weeks, students will need to login to webcourses to view the lectures. • Lecture Capture students MUST come to the campus (they are registered at) to take the tests.

  12. What about a syllabus? • Available on the course web site at • http://www.bus.ucf.edu/cmassiah/mar_3023.html • Also available on webcourses. • All students are required to read it. • In order to ensure that you are familiar with the course policies and requirements as stated in the syllabus, there will be a Syllabus quiz (worth 10 points) • You will have three attempts to take this quiz. The average score of all attempts will be recorded

  13. MarketingSecond EditionDhruvGrewalMichael Levy Your Required book for this course is

  14. Your Textbook Options • Traditional printed textbook: • Hard copy • Looseleaf

  15. Connect:Student Registration & Online Purchase Marketing 3023

  16. Connect Overview Why McGraw-Hill Connect? Makes managing and taking assignments easier. Improves student learning and retention through engaging media and study resources. Students can access Connect at anytime, anywhere. What is McGraw-Hill Connect? Connect is a web-based assignment and assessment platform that helps students connect to their coursework and to success beyond.  2008 The McGraw-Hill Companies

  17. Online Registration Go to the website as directed by your instructor

  18. Click Register Now Click “Register Now”

  19. Enter Your Knights E-Mail Address Enter your e-mail address

  20. Enter Access Code or Select Buy Online You’ll see three options: Enter your access code and click SubmitOR Click Buy Online to purchase access OR Click Start Free Trial

  21. Free Trial Option

  22. For Online Purchase Choose Connect or Connect Plus For online purchase, choose either:Connect, which does not include an eBookORConnect Plus, which includes online access to your eBook

  23. Complete Registration From and Submit Fill out the registration form. - Use Name on Student Records

  24. Registration Successful! Once you see this message, you can access your Connect homepage by clicking on “Go To Connect Now”

  25. Connect Home Page At your Connect homepage you can access your assignments, study center, grades, and other resources provided by your instructor. Start by clicking any of the assignment titles displayed on the list.Don’t forget to bookmark the URL!

  26. Connect Support If you need help or have any questions about Connect, you can visit the 24-hour online support center: www.mhhe.com/support

  27. Grading Components

  28. (i) Exams • 4 exams in the course • Exams 1, 2, and 3during regular semester and Exam 4 will be held in the finals week • Exam 1 worth 180 points • Exam 2 worth 180 points • Exam 3 worth 180 points • Exam 4 worth 180 points

  29. (i) Exams • Multiple Choice Format • 60 questions on Exams • Timed test – 75 mins for each exam • Administered via webcourses and must be taken in the testing lab. See syllabus for policies. • Must take the exam at the testing labs in the campus at which you are registered.

  30. Exam Procedures • Because of the large numbers in this class, the exams will be available at testing sites over a four day period. • Regional campus students (South Lake, Ocala, South Orlando) must make reservations at their campus testing lab in order to take the exam. • Details are provided in the syllabus.

  31. Optional Make-up Exam • “No-excuse needed" • If you miss either Exam 1, 2, or 3, you can take a make-up exam. You can only miss ONE exam though.

  32. Optional Make-up Exam • You cannot make up a bad grade in an exam. • You may make-up ONLY one missed exam. • Same format, same content, same number of questions but different questions. • There is NO curve on the make-up exam.

  33. Exam Grading Policy • Grading will be done by the webcourses system. • I will look at the descriptive statistics of the exam and make a decision on the curve. The results (including the curve, if any) will be posted within 72 hours. • Please feel free to come by during office hours and look at your answers. • You will also have online office hours. • Questions about any exam must be raised PRIOR to next exam.

  34. (ii) Chapter Quizzes • Logic for these chapter quizzes? • 10 online quizzes. • Worth 130 points. • The chapter quiz schedule is provided in the syllabus. • Each quiz has 13 questions; 75 minutes per attempt. Three attempts per quiz with Average grade being awarded. • Randomized.

  35. (iii) Connect Assignments • The objective of the Connect Assignments for this course is to have students realize the real world applications of marketing concepts as they apply to contemporary companies. • Hopefully, the Connect Assignments will translate this practical knowledge into better marketing decision making for you. • 10 Marketing Connect Assignments • Unlimited time per assignment; open book and open notes.

  36. Grade Components • Exam 1……..…………….………. 180 points • Exam 2…………………………… 180 points • Exam 3….………………………... 180 points • Exam 3….………………………... 180 points • 10 Chapter quizzes @ 13 pts each ………….………………………….. 130 points • 10 Connect Assignments……….. 130 points • 2 Syllabus quizzes 20 points Total 1000 points

  37. Grading Final grades will be assigned strictly based on the following scale: NO FINAL GRADE WILL BE ROUNDED UP

  38. How to get a good grade in this class? • Efforts will fetch you the desired results. • Applied questions versus definitional questions. • In my classes, regular attendance/viewing is always correlated with good performance. • Take good notes -- make note of my examples / audio visuals / videos. • Ask questions in class (or outside) if you are unsure about the material. We’re here to help.

  39. Can I make over and above 1000 points? • Yes, through participation in surveys. • At least 20 points this semester. • Knowledge generation through academic research. Notion of subject pools. • Why is it important for students to participate? • The value of UCF degree goes up • You learn about research processes. • Missed survey(s) cannot be made up.

  40. Can I make over and above 1000 points? • Yes, through collecting box tops. • At least 10 points this semester.

  41. Grading Summary • Make sure to get the grade you require • Graduation • Probation/Suspension • Job Offers • Student Visa • Scholarships

  42. Is Attendance mandatory? • No. • However, it is in your best interests to attend my classes. • Material in exams WILL closely follow my lectures. • Remember, this is not a self-paced course.

  43. Civility in (and outside) the Classroom • Unacceptable Behaviors include: • Excessive talking. • Consistently late or leave early. • Cell phones, and using other devices with sound. • Sleeping, Reading, Working on other class work. • Unprofessional Email/discussions. • Any of these behaviors can result in grade deductions.

  44. Electronic communications • Behaviors that result in an automatic 25 point deduction: • Spamming your classmates on webcourses • Using the discussion board to sell anything • Asking about a current exam, quiz, or assignment on discussion board • Unprofessional Email/discussions. • Any of these behaviors WILL result in grade deductions.

  45. Teaching Philosophy • I take my job very seriously! • I think of myself as a coach. I’ll aim to facilitate your learning. • Bring an “outside” perspective to the subject instead of just rehashing material. • Slides may not contain all the material.

  46. What are your responsibilities? • Lecture Capture courses can be a tough class for students. • Lecture Capture students can feel isolated. • Don’t feel anonymous. Ask for help. We’re here to see you succeed. • It takes a lot of self-motivation and discipline. • Be prepared when you come to class/watch lectures. • Don’t procrastinate.

  47. Good luck in the semester! • See you next class!

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