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Rubies, Emeralds, And Sapphires – Facts And Curiosities - Aura Jewels PowerPoint Presentation
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Rubies, Emeralds, And Sapphires – Facts And Curiosities - Aura Jewels

Rubies, Emeralds, And Sapphires – Facts And Curiosities - Aura Jewels

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Rubies, Emeralds, And Sapphires – Facts And Curiosities - Aura Jewels

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  1. Rubies, Emeralds, And Sapphires – Facts And Curiosities - Aura Jewels Rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are three of the most popularly loved gemstones in India. While many men and women have the chance of spending lavishly on these gemstones, and see them regularly, but there are others who are too curious about these gemstones, and want to know everything about them before making a purchase, because this might be a one-time investment for them. So, to help all those who belong to the second group, we are here to help you know about some interesting facts about all these three gemstones. The Royal Ruby Rubies are considered as the king of precious stones in Hinduism, and are regarded to be more valuable than any other gemstone. This is because they have an inner light, with a glow emitted that looks like an inner fire burning within the stone. Moreover, the hardness

  2. of a ruby is at a value of 9, which is the second hardest gemstone after the most beloved and popularly purchased diamond. Rubies are most mined and produced in Thailand, followed by Sri Lanka, Madagascar and India. The Elegant Emerald Emeralds have been used since ancient times, but not as a gemstone, instead as a healing stone. This is because the gemstone has amazing healing powers, which is why it is even till date used in gemstone therapy. This is why it is known as the “Healing Stone”. But today, emeralds are also used as popular gemstones in the jewellery industry. Its hardness of 7.5 to 8 makes it perfect for both rings and earrings. The stone is found in countries like India, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Africa, Columbia, and South America. The Sophisticated Sapphire Sapphires have a past filled with royalty like Princess Diana, Princess Catherine, Queen Victoria, and many more. Sri Lanka is home for the most initial, as well as present sapphires too, but they have gained a lot of popularity not only in Sri Lanka, but many countries across the globe too. Sapphires too, like emeralds, have healing powers. They are believed to cure eye diseases and depression, and preserve celibacy. The stone is also used to bring about spiritual enlightenment and inner peace. Sapphires are generally blue in colour, but they can also be seen in colours like yellow, pink, green, and orange; and the rarest colour being pinkish- orange. In fact, some sapphires can also change their colour,

  3. depending upon the lighting. For example, the sapphires that appear blue in daylight, can change to purple in incandescent light. So, which gemstone interests you the most? Do you want to majestically boast of having a ruby, elegantly possess an emerald, or sophisticatedly own a sapphire? Whatever your choice, you can always have your most beloved gemstone studded into your gold jewellery, whether it is a pendant, a necklace, earrings, ring, bracelet, or anything else. Whatever it may be, you can always get gemstone studded best gold jewellery in Bangalore at Aura Jewels. Here, you can work with the talented designers to have your special designs created as per your choice and requirement; those that are also in ( jewellery-trends-2020/). trend in 2020 For more Information: