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The Attractive Collections of Casual Men Shoes PowerPoint Presentation
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The Attractive Collections of Casual Men Shoes

The Attractive Collections of Casual Men Shoes

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The Attractive Collections of Casual Men Shoes

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  1. The Attractive Collections of Casual Men Shoes The casual shoes are made for everyday use. They are meant to sustain through daily wear and tear. So be careful while you select your pair. Take in account all the options available to you. The importance of shoes has been often underlined by saying that it is most noticed thing in men after hair and their handshake. Choice of footwear definitely depends upon your lifestyle. The footwear of a student must be different than regular office going guys.

  2. Casual shoes for men by Aureus, an online store has plenty of options available. The first is dress shoes which are strictly used for business or formal purposes. But nowadays people are using them for casual occasions as well. There are two subtypes of the dress shoes. First is oxfords which do not go above the ankles. There are two more types of oxfords as well. Balmorals look very uniform and sturdy. Saddle oxfords are another type of shoes. If you want to hide the shoe holes and laces, then go for kilties oxfords.

  3. Invest in nice shoes and be assured of the positive impression. Men often get frustrated with the large range of products available in the market. Try to use this variety in your favor.Have a look at stylish shoes for men by Aureus. The e-commerce website cuts all the clutter and gives simplified look at all products. You can filter down your choices as per style and budget. If you are still confused, we have narrowed down these top collections of shoes for you.

  4. The brown leather brogue • This Scotland and Ireland based brand has set benchmark in the footwear industry world over. Its broad use has made it popular among masses. The signature punch hole design makes it look attractive and it is known as brougueing. It sets it apart from the other ordinary shoes. Go for brown leather brogue with or without leather soles. The rubber sole option is available too. It is comfortable and easy to wear in many ways. There are colors alike russet, chestnut and chocolate as well.

  5. Simple loafers • These slip on shoes were designed for King George VI of Great Britain. Today these can be spotted in the feet of any man in the city. The loafers do not have laces, so it’s absence gives nice continuous construction. It goes well with formal and casual clothing both. As far the color is concerned, go for light brown for long term use.

  6. The Oxford leather shoes • It should be mistaken with its nearest cousin in terms of design, which is derby. It is just perfect for formal occasions such as job interview. It’s much known closed lacing system is just works fine. These are slim, light and look classy. We strongly recommend you to go for black one, as it is dust resistant and has lower maintenance. Be it tuxedo or slim fit suit, it will look best on anything. Just be aware that the black color loses its shiny appeal too soon. The lighter shades of brown will sustain for longer time. Apply conditioner on the shoes once in six months.

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